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Just how does one link these two together: 1. Birth Defect 2. Personality Disorder 3. Brain Washing 4. Business Man

The director of issues analysis of the fundamentalist American Family Association (AFA) told his radio listeners that they and every American had a "patriotic duty to worship God."

On his Wednesday radio show, Fischer read from the Old Testament Book of Haggai to explain why the U.S. economy was "in a slump."

"If you want a prosperous economy, you've got to have a vibrant spirituality," he said. "When you worship God, you are not just doing the right thing in terms of your relationship with God, you are doing your patriotic duty."

"It is your patriotic duty to worship God in order that we have a prosperous and flourishing economy," Fisher added.

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Answer: No 5, Mental Illness.

Number 4 but i Wonder how he plans to make money from this? That is what most of his type actually want.

donations...tithes....all them little pamphlets in return for your freewill offerings and love gifts fer jesus gently extorted by mentioning how displeased gawd will be for not sharing the blessings he bestows upon you with some badhair preacher in a cheap suit (why is it that all these people can make even an expensive suit look like a bad polyester from a walmart sidewalk sale?).....and what other business do you know of where people grant you automatic deference and obsequiousness and you don't have to actually deliver a product or a service?  if you have customers unhappy with the results, they aren't coming back to badmouth you to your current crop of pickings.

Things just seem to get nuttier and nuttier.........lol.




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