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It’s a difficult year for the Arab Spring... Including here in America.

If the 2011 revolts in Tunisia, Egypt, and Yemen were largely bloodless victories, they were clouded by the civil war in Libya and fears that building new democratic states could prove more difficult than toppling dictators.


Egypt's powerful military warned on Monday it will intervene if the Islamist president doesn't "meet the people's demands," giving him and his opponents two days to reach an agreement, as thousands of protesters massed for a second day calling on Mohammed Morsi to step down.


The secularists and Islamists who united to topple Mubarak fell out over a perceived power grab by new Islamist President Muhammad Morsi, leading to deadly violence between supporters of the two camps.  Secularists say the Islamist-dominated Constitutional Committee rushed through the constitution, which they say fails to protect women and minority groups.


Don’t we have the same problem here -- where a Tea-Party loaded Congress and SCOTUS fail to protect women and minority groups?


Religion, Sharia or Christian, it’s all the same.


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Both are people who believe and act on fables written long ago by Whoknows. Both also lead to irrational thinking.

not to mention or maybe i will, both seem to be bent on imposing their rules on everyone else...witness the texas governor calling a 2 million dollar second special session of the legislature in order to pass a bill which is designed to shut down women's clinics that provide abortions..any other questions, grasshopper?

and if they can't get their way, just get rid of the rules that prevent it...

Texas lawmakers reconvene for new abortion fight

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http://media.zenfs.com/en_us/News/ap_webfeeds/9bc6ec00fc375d15360f6..." alt="Pro-abortion rights supporters cheer during a rally outside the Texas capitol, Monday, July 1, 2013, in Austin, Texas. The Texas Senate has convened for a new 30-day special session to take up contentious abortion restrictions bill and other issues. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)" height="421px" width="749px"/>

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Associated Press

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — State troopers lined the halls of the Texas Capitol, and 5,000 protesters rallied outside against proposed abortion legislation, as lawmakers convened Monday for a second special session that Republican leaders pledged wouldn't descend into chaos like the first.

The Texas House and Senate each met for less than an hour before recessing for the week. That was just long enough to schedule new committee hearings for the proposed restrictions that would make Texas one of the toughest places in the nation for women to get abortions.

Less than one week earlier, Democrats scored a rare victory in the GOP-dominated Legislature by running out the clock on the first special session.

Democratic Sen. Wendy Davis of Fort Worth was on her feet for more than 12 hours — speaking most of that time — during the Democratic filibuster. When Republicans used parliamentary technicalities to silence her, hundreds of protesters in the public gallery and surrounding Capitol corridors cheered so loudly that work on the bill couldn't be completed before the midnight deadline.

"You're going to see a completely different debate this time around," said Rep. Steve Toth, a Republican from The Woodlands. "We're not under that kind of timeline this time around."

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst took no chances with raucous protesters in the second special session on Monday. Security was much tighter than before, with troopers — some of them in riot gear — throughout the Capitol complex.

When protesters filed into the House and Senate galleries, pages provided them with copies of the rules warning them that if they disrupted the proceedings, they'd be ejected. There were no arrests or any incidents of violence reported.

And Dewhurst said the Senate would make one major procedural change as well. Rather than follow tradition and require a two-thirds vote to bring up a bill for consideration, he said it would take only a simple majority during this session. That could prove critical because Democrats hold 12 out of 31 seats and successfully blocked the abortion law during the regular legislative session.

On the House side, State Affairs Chairman Byron Cook, R-Corsicana, said he would only allow less than nine hours of public testimony on the bill. Public protests erupted two weeks ago when he cut off testimony during the last session after 12 hours and denied more than 260 women the chance to speak.

"A wise man once said, nothing good happens after midnight," Cook said, explaining why he was limiting testimony.

“Religion, Sharia or Christian, it’s all the same” 

"Truly?.....how so?"

You're kidding me, right Phil???

  1. "Christians" (SCOTUS) make the rich corporation "people" then repeal the Civil Rights         Acts.  

  2. "Christians" (GOP) pass laws denying women their 14 Amendment Constitutional Rights.

  3.  "Christians" are trying to block minorities from voting in any and all states where "Christians" control the government.

You must really explain to me how "Social Conservatism" aka "The Religious Right" aka "The Moral Majority" are any different than an "American Taliban" 

Can Satan do better then "Christians" or "Islamic/Sharia Law"?

Not helpful at all.

Would one jump off a bridge if some one else told one too?  Does one believe everything one is told?  How about thinking for oneself.. or at least stop constantly chanting old discredited superstition and look at what is right in front of oneself.

in the last decade(s) so much evidence has been collected that ridicules the concept of a "God" or 'gods, only the most stubborn refuse to see the light at the end of this very long dark tunnel. 

by the way...using the bible to prove your religion....kinda like using the fence that you say the burglar jumped over as proof there was a burglar

"prove to me, and everyone looking on, that the Bible is indeed fables, and not the other way around, possibly."

Easy; we are not retarded.

"prove to me, and everyone looking on, that the Bible is indeed fables, and not the other way around, possibly."

Hey buddy, HERE it is! Where are you?


Phil I can only tell you the truth. What is referred to as the bible was written over a period of probably thousands of years by who knows who. In the third century CM a group of catholic priests got together and choose what writings would be included. Mostly they chose what would give them more power.
There is NO historical evidence or mention of jesus anywhere to be found.
That is all I can tell you except try some logic.

most religions claim the key to eternal life....that's why the pharoahs were mummified and the organs in jars ...the afterlife etc ...to try to prove the rightness of your belief by citing the bible and daring others to disprove it is just silly...every religion can do that with their teachings. so enjoy your beliefs but don't think the 'rightness' of your beliefs entitles you to try to impose them on everyone else

The old standard applies here, Phil: The burden of proof falls on the one making fantastic claims, not on those refusing to accept the fantastic claims.

And, your "argument" is a logical fallacy to begin with: "Proving that something exists by not proving that it doesn't exist" has no end - Meaning, I could use that specious argument in this fashion: If I WANT to believe that you are a child murderer, Phil, can you PROVE, to my satisfaction, that you are NOT a child murderer ? Because, if you can't, then I am completely entitled to believe that you are a child murderer, even though there isn't a lick of evidence to support my belief, and I am also entitled to go all over the internet stating as "proven fact" that you are a child murderer.

Do you see the idiocy of the "Prove something DOESN'T exist" argument ? ANYBODY can make ANY asinine claim, and then hide behind the bullshit excuse, "Well - You didn't prove me wrong to MY satisfaction !" - As if facts depended on belief to begin with.

Funny - We were just talking about this topic, and here I stumbled across this:

Much more succinct than my post, to boot.




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