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She found out how hard it is to reason with dumb. 

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she doesn't smile...that's just baring her teeth...got all them manners too doesn't she?..and still a believer in trickledown...but the real question is which one is more stupid? she is saying you can tax liberals different than jobcreators?..does she bring her own barfbags for the audience?

She stopped Hannity in his tracks; he not only abruptly ended the segment, he won't have her on again soon.

They EAt Thier Own.

...Witch is kinda a good thing...Gawd I wish he wuold deside to part his hair on the left or rite...yuo cuoldnt pay me enuogh money to go on a first date with Caulter that wuold end with someone finding me in a abandon shopping cart bloodless and shoved under a bridge. 

I'd love a date with Annie.  It'd probably end quickly, 1-2 minutes, but that would be long enough to find out if she is for real :0)


Like a cold natured coyote?

I'm baaaa'd!

Like a cuople of wolfs in sheeps clothing!




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