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A Republican lawmaker in Utah outlined a proposal last week to abolish compulsory education in the state.

State Sen. Aaron Osmond (R) argued that certain "parents act as if the responsibility to educate, and even care for their child, is primarily the responsibility of the public school system."

"As a result, our teachers and schools have been forced to become surrogate parents, expected to do everything from behavioral counseling, to providing adequate nutrition, to teaching sex education, as well as ensuring full college and career readiness," he wrote in a post on the state senate's blog.

Osmond told the Deseret News that he wants the public to view education as an opportunity rather than a requirement.

"Let’s let them choose it, let’s not force them to do it," Osmond said. 

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The dumbing down of society.........

see? they just want it to be the good old days......you know....before voting rights....and literacy....and public education...and minimum wage laws...and ____________ (fill in the blank)...and someone has convinced the braindead that the average worker was better off in the age of the robber barons cause there was just ever so much upward economic opportunity, mr bill....instead of the truth that life was short and hard and relatively shitty for all but the wealthy

and Civil Rights,...and SS...and Medicare...and Women's' Rights...and ____________ (fill in the blank)

I have long believed that republicans have a long term goal of destroying public education. Almost all of the education "reforms" pushed by republican have done more harm than good.
One of my biggest complaints is charter schools. Charters can open, cherry pick there students, and not face few if any of the regulations placed on regular schools. How is that supposed to make any sense. Most charters do no better than regular schools and many do much worse.
I am sure this guy would want nice Charter for his kids to go to.

there are foundations actively working to close down public education in the united states. they go by a number of different names but the basic idea is even more heinous. they love the idea of the state paying for kids to go to their private religious schools with the concept of the 'voucher' system. it accomplishes two things...it has the state paying to indoctrinate a new generation of weasels and it siphons funds from the actual general public education for the children not in their tribe.

 and i would venture to say most children of politicos do NOT attend public schools...in fact if you recall there was a brouha over the school district having to pay for santorums kids to attend private schools when he had moved his family from the school district but still expected the school district to pay....hard to pass up them free lunches, ain't it ricky?....just more of the grubby graspings of the right while mouthing all the platitudes about morality

I have always admired Jimmy Carter and not because people tell me I look like him. I don't see it but it happens pretty often. Anyway he is the only president that sent his a child, Amy, to a public school. And in my opinion the only completely honest and truthful president in my lifetime.

I'm not a big fan but I do agree with you...

Can I have your autograph?

I agree that he is a really good man, he was president at the wrong time in history.

You are right and how different this country would be if not for the Iran hostage crisis and and the spike in gas prices. Those two things made it possible for Reagan to win in 1980 and that was the beginning of radical right we have today. Strangely Reagan would be called a Rhino by modern republicans.




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