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geee you think a customer buying 32,000 rounds of ammunition would raise a few flags and eyebrows...and we would all feel safer knowing the guy next door has 32,000 rounds stored up in his house...after all...what could go wrong?

Fearful of ban, frenzied buyers swarm gun stores

Assault rifles are sold out across the country. Rounds of .223 bullets, like those used in the AR-15 type Bushmaster rifle used in Newtown, are scarce. Stores are struggling to restock their shelves. Gun and ammunition makers are telling retailers they will have to wait months to get more.

Store owners who have been in the business for years say they have never seen demand like this before.

James Zimmerman of SelwayArmory.com, a website that sells guns, ammunition and knives, says that sales really took off on Dec. 19 after President Barack Obama held a White House press conference announcing that Vice President Joe Biden would lead a team tasked with coming up with "concrete proposals" to curb gun violence.

That day, one customer ordered 32,000 rounds of ammunition from SelwayArmory.com, worth close to $18,000. The order had to be shipped from the company's Lolo, Mont., office to Kentucky on a freight truck.


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Never been a gun owner either. My husband had guns when he was young but he gave them away years ago. I felt safe and fine even when we lived in WY and had frequent wild visitors like bears and mountain lions. I loved shooting the animals with my camera. Letting them stay alive was so much more satisfying.

If my ex husband had a gun I don't think I would be alive today. He was more than a little unstable.

I read its like this in every state in the union except Calif...?

I just ask myself, Why does anyone need an fully automatic lead splitting machine....?

Be nothing left of the squeakily...!

What I find frustrating is that the gun nuts think we are the strange ones. :0(

WE ARE...!

Strange because we don't need a gun...!

And they can't read the second amendment.

Well they do say its is their God Given Right...?

...that's their first problem.

B-B-But they say its ours...LOL

Any "marksman" who needs 32,000 rounds is compensating for something. Guess he couldn't afford a Ferrari.


Wait for the garage sale, outdated ammo sells cheap.

He should have taken up reloading, much cheaper.

There's no such thing as "outdated ammo." If it is stored reasonably well, it should still fire 100 years from now. There's still lots of WW II ammo on the surplus market and that's 70 years old and it still fires just fine. Some old civil war muskets have been found still loaded after more than a 100 years and they still fired the 100 year old charge. I do agree that reloading your own is cheaper and it makes a nice little hobby. By the way, the Bushmasters which have been discussed are not fully automatic "Death spitters" or whatever they were called here. They are semi-automatic death spitters. It never hurts to get your terminalogy right. The NRA guys love to call you ignorant if you don't know the difference between full auto and semi auto.

That's true my old .308 Rem bullets where over 20 years old and still fired...

Paid only $150.00 for that gun in 1960, yet was stolen a couple of years after I moved out here to Iowa...Nice neighbors...! New one now about $549.99 at Walmart...




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