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Either way we can tell they're Republican LOL...


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They're both....And they have no idea that they're either.

Instead, they believe themselves to be "heroes" and "patriots" - As if bigotry and low IQ's require courage and effort.

I'm not one to put labels on people too quickly. I usually let their actions and words speak for themselves. But it does upset me  that since Obama has been president, many of those who oppose him and his policies seem to refer to his skin color and race. I've been voting since the late 60s and most of the candidates I voted for happen to be white...although in several local elections I did vote for the candidate if he was black and qualified. I never voted for Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton because I didn't think they were qualified. I did vote for Obama because I thought he was qualified and offered a new future. There has never been a candidate that I voted for whose policies I agreed with 100%.....never. Although I voted for Clinton, there were some things I disagreed with him on.....same with Obama. But since Obama has been president, it seems that the criticism of his skin color and race comes from the right. Regardless of who would have won the first election to put him in office.....Hillary or Obama...they inherited a mess left by the Bush administration. A total mess. I guess if Hillary would have won, they right would have been critical of her gender....lol. But I doubt if they would have questioned where she was born, although they might have been critical of her association with Whitewater. Personally...even back in the 60s 70s I knew that whenever and if ever an African-American were to be elected president, he/she would face a lot of criticism and race would be a part of it. By electing an African-American as president surely would not eliminate racism in this country. The hidden racist would come out of the wood work and do everything to discredit the person. Even if the person was elected, who I believe is more qualified than anyone to be president.....Colin Powell. He too would have been criticized. Probably not as much as Obama....because he is a Republican, but because I believe many of his policies would be similar. But because Obama is Liberal....and an African-American, this gave many on the right a way to rile their base up and use race as one way to do it. With Powell, it would have been tougher because he is...somewhat...considered a moderate Republican. But even he was criticized for voting for Obama because he is black. And then there's Rush Limbaugh....a drugged up nut case...who has been using race as part of his agenda from the beginning....and many other radio personalities. I have no problem against those who are against Obama based on his policies. I was against the policies of George Bush...and in the beginning even liked him, although I didn't vote for him. And with 9/11, I thought he had a great chance to bring the country together. It was the whole Iraq thing that made me think....."this guy is a dingbat for taking the U.S. into a war that didn't have to happen." But the color of his skin had nothing to do with my opinion.....lol. Throughout the history of this country, whenever an African-American became the first of his race to accomplish something that was usually reserved for whites.....there was always some kind of backlash. Always. Although things are better racially, compared to 50+ years ago. With the election of Obama, it has shown me that there's still a looong way to go. I have a lot of confidence in the younger generation from what I've seen and heard from them. But there's still a lot of old farts around who will continue to try to influence people to their way of thinking when it comes to race. There have been some younger folks who fall for their crap, but I believe that the majority of the younger generation will be the one who will eventually make this country a color blind society....long after I'm gone. But for now......and in several years to come.....it ain't happening..................just my opinion.

since i live among the cavedwellers, i can attest to the protestations at accusations of racism among the critics of obama. the common thread is 'it ain't him, it's his policies' even if they can't point to ANY particular policy that they disagree with in any coherent fashion. rather the standard answer is 'he's a muslim, he wants to take our guns away, he's gonna fuck up our health care with his socialist policies and welfare'..a great example is one individual i hear constantly decrying welfare and how 'obummer' is gonna ruin HIS medical care with the changes ...course the individual is receiving social security disability and is on medicaid..... to my way of thinking they would hate him if he spun straw into gold for the national treasury and walked on water in his spare time

No doubt they are the very same people, though in another State, who are reflected in this survey.

70 Percent Of Georgia Republicans Believe In Creationism: PPP Poll

The Huffington Post  |  By Chris Gentilviso Posted: 08/08/2013 12:52 pm EDT  |  Updated: 08/08/2013 5:01 pm EDT

A new Public Policy Polling (PPP) poll finds that a majority of Georgians believe in creationism over evolution.

Entitled "Georgia Miscellany," the Thursday item surveyed a pool of 520 voters on 32 questions. On the issue of creationism vs. evolution, 53 percent believe more in the former, compared to 29 percent choosing the latter, and 18 percent voting not sure.

When that question was transferred over to party lines, Republicans had a staggering split -- 70 percent for creationism, 17 percent for evolution and 13 percent not sure. Democrats split along closer lines -- 43 percent for creationism, 33 percent for evolution and 24 percent not sure. Independents held an even narrower divide -- 46 percent for creationism, 40 percent for evolution and 14 percent not sure.

If many in this country are still not over the Civil War which was ~150 years ago, it's going to take just as much time for science to replace superstitions of a ~majority.  And, in my opinion, science has just evolved mainstream in just the last decade.  I'm afraid, also IMO, that we have years to go before Religiosity will be replaced with common sense / educated individuals.  Heck, the right is already working real hard to prolong the process with school vouchers and voting their "best" onto public school boards.




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