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Wasn't it the president and the vice president who told us over and over during the 2012 campaign that Ben Ladin is dead and Al Qaeda is on the run? Well if that is so, why are we closing all those embassies?

Isn't this the same thing that the left bashed Bush for saying?

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I guess that would be for the same reason that republicans claim that racism is dead, but they can not tolerate a black president.

My memory is shot! I just can not remember co-president Bush ever saying that Bin Ladin and Al Qaeda was dead and on the run. If so, the left had a doggone good reason for bashing him. 

I see closing embassies due to a threat as a good thing, rather than saying let's see how it works out.

actually we can refer you to the benghazi incident where there was not a big alert sent out regarding an anniversary date and the republicans shit their pants over that after the fact. in this case there is a credible threat from intercepted messages. what would you have them do?  ignore the threat and have possibly more casualties than there might be? and you might be familiar with the battle of the bulge? the germans were essentially defeated already and they made a massive offensive with stockpiled material and troops. now the fact they were being pushed back and defeated didn't make dead GI's any less f'ing dead, did it?

base2final, I would love to understand how your brain works. You should think about giving it to science when you depart. Of course being a radical right winger you most likely don't believe in science.

hey it's almost new, it has such low usage. it will probably be sold to be transplanted into a republican legislator. there's a whole list of those who need a brain transplant....even a faulty one

I do believe that some should seek mental health care. I'd be willing to pay for a few months of yours PIA

 Maybe you missed this one right above yours Chum, I'm sure Eddie hasn't missed yours...

Reply by EddieDingo on August 3, 2013 at 9:37pmDelete

Is this kind of talk constructive?  Or do we just feel like bashing other members.  Express your opinions of the topic please...not of the other members.

Is this kind of talk constructive?  Or do we just feel like bashing other members.  Express your opinions of the topic please...not of the other members.

This guy's like psoriasis, it keeps coming back worse then before lol...

Actually it's a good question; what will it take to end terrorism in the world, the self-proclaimed Christians in the worst Congress in U.S. history only 4 years after the worst president in U.S. history?

Let me put it another way, if Travon Martin was carrying too, who do you think would have won the fight, Martin or Zimmerman?

No, but then again that is the point, and yes, to some pointless, opinion counts which is a free and full right of being an American, and what some say others give their lives for, for others to be stupid if that is how they chose to be. 

Of course, no one says the your right to be stupid is a reason, but then again, what does reason have to do with it?  Ignorance of the law is no defense according to the law, but insanity, and there is the rub, when does stupidity become pathology, probably when they are reelected or try to get reelected again, and yes, Anthony Weiner we are talking about you.

...could be talking about Mitt Romney.




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