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When you think about it, do you act younger or older than your chronological age?  What do you do or not do that makes you say that?  I have never really grown up and have always enjoyed playing with children.  I have always been responsible, but always loved having fun.  I know I have gone back to being playful and having fun, like when I was younger.  I feel much younger than I did 10 years ago. 

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I think I'm my age in regards to wisdom. I have learned quite a lot over the years.  Physically I thnk a lot younger,(unless my back hurts) I still ride my horses, clean stalls, ect.  I work full time and drive 100 miles a day.  That's enough for me.

Frankly I just try to be true to myself.  I'm still enjoying a lot of same activities now as I did many years ago.  I still have a sense of humor (well, at least I think I do - ;->).  I dress for comfort but if the occasion arrises, I can certainly "dress to the hilt."  Yup . . . just continuing to be me!

Interesting post Helen. I think whether you are acting young or old depends on the point of view of whoever observes you. I pretty much act like I always have; I’m just “me”. I do take pride in staying active. I still enjoy golf, fishing, boating, etc. I still own my home and cut the grass, shovel the snow, etc. I love walking, not just for exercise, but literally to get somewhere, biking too. I live about a mile or two from the airport. When I fly I’ll walk there unless my son is joining me. I’ll drop him off, return home, and bike back (ok, I’m cheap too; saves me $12 a day in parking). I’ve noticed for years younger generations don’t do that. If you suggest they walk a mile to the store to pick up a loaf of bread, you get a look like you just asked them to donate a body organ. To a youngster, I suspect my walking is acting “old”; to someone my age who now struggles physically, they are likely to think that activity shows I am acting “young”.

I think I definitely act “old” when it comes to cell phones and other technology. Mine is very basic and I use it as a phone…only. I don’t text at all, let alone have my fingers dance over the keys in soundless conversations. If I want to converse with someone, I dial their number and have a real spoken conversation with them. I don’t surf the net on it. If I am out and about I don’t care what Dan is doing or what Bobbie Joe’s status is on Facebook or what the weather is going to be tomorrow. I also don’t tivo (am I saying that right?). I have a hard enough time finding one program worth watching let alone two or more. These commercials that talk about recording five shows at once just make me laugh. Yep, I know I am showing my age there.

As the eldest, I was supposed to be responsible for my brother in the absence of my parents and that remained true until I was 15. I was a rather serious kid probably due first to my parents' marital problems and then to their divorce. I remained kind of stodgy into my 30s and then I met a woman at church who had a varied group of friends of all ages and she told that having younger friends kept her from becoming too old in her attitudes. I thought this was a good idea. Over the years I've acquired a number of friends younger than me..some as much as 30 years younger. I can identify with them as they go through phases that I did  in the past. I play alot since I no longer work and try to be childlike in my play and I've always striven to push my boundaries by trying new things like snow tubing. I'm generally open to new experiences also and meeting new people. Keeping your environment stimulating keeps you younger in thought and attitude.


I am fortunate to look younger than I am too.I never think about age.I have lots of friends of all ages.I love trying new styles and different makeups. I enjoy having bbq's and game nights.I try to keep doing things I always did. I guess I would say I act younger than I am.Of course I date younger men too.No more than ten years younger.I am comfortable with that.

You go girl...........lol.

I generally act younger than I am but yesterday I went for my yearly eye exam. For the first time in my life my vision was not 20/20. I don't need glasses but it made me feel old. I guess I expected to never age.

No need to feel old PA.....there are 20 year olds who wear glasses......lol.

I've worn them since I was about 7.  Didn't need them like I do now, but I still needed them back then. 

I started wearing glasses when I was 12..they're bifocals for every day and progressives for target practice.

No matter how old I get and how bad my vision gets (even with cataract surgery on both eyes) I just act like ME.  I stay young-at-heart and young-in-spirit, and I never know what tomorrow holds!  Just like last night - a group of us women did a JINGLE JANGLE EVENING RUN, and then we had a delicious meal at a very busy restaurant.  Lots of fun, and I think we ALL acted younger - even the women who were in there 30's and 40's!!  Here are a few pics from our fun evening:

TW you guys definitely do have fun all the time.  I have a niece that lives in Katy TX.  I never put it together before.  I was there once about 12 years ago.   I wish I lived in a warmer climate, I'm spending more time not walking than walking.  Was too windy and cold today and tomorrow promises to be more of the same. 




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