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...steal candy from a baby? Or eat the last of something even if you knew someone else wanted it?  Have you ever?

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me no.. i was never all that crazy about candy anyway tho .. and i've always been the type to share what i had .. don't get me wrong tho , if i thought i was bein taken advantage of then it will piss me off .. but generally speakin i'd let the kid have some candy .. but i'd watch to be sure they didn't eat too much of it .. sometimes you gotta put some brakes on their little asses or they'll eat it all .. i think with adults you have to be a little bit different .. you can't just say no to a girlfriend who wants to eat the whole box of candy , so you have to try another tact .. like hey baby you want me to just rub that chocolate on your thighs ?? might be a little quicker that way ? 

No, I don't think I ever have. Even growing up with 4 sisters I don't think I ever did.

Uhh, Frenchy that's a good way to die.

well i'd always try to use a little humor when i'd say somethin like that .. i have an impish little grin that gets me outta a lotta trouble .. usually anyway.. i know i can be a smartass sometimes but i'm really not mean .. a good sense of humor and makin somebody laugh a lot can go a long way .. ask me how i know .. 

Oooh, you got that right! ---- i am not aware of any time when I did that......maybe when my kids were little.....I might have had to get my hand in the cookie jar ahead of them.....cuz if I let them get it first, that jar would be empty. :-)
Okay, I will be the first to plead guilty. On many occasions I have eaten my kids Easter candy. Not so bad since they never ate it and it just went bad.

Are we talking at gun point?

If we are then my answer is NO.

Phew! Glad I'm not the only sicko on here!

E pluribus unim, baby, e pluribus unim

I was going for the high moral ground.

Beenknown too . I told my girls after coming home from trick treating I had to taste some of the candy to check if it had any poison in it .  Worked a while till they fiqured out what I was doing ...

The only time I eat the last of anything is after I've checked to make sure that nobody else wants it.

This is not because I'm such a sweetheart, but because it's usually me doing the cooking, and I know how irresponsible other people are when THEY eat the last pice of something; They're ashamed, and they don't want to look selfish or greedy - So they never put the ingredients for more of it on the grocery list.

And then a few weeks later, after I've already done the grocery shopping, they're all "Whhyyyy didn't you buy more of the stuff to make yadda yadda yummy stuff ?"





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