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What words of advice would you give to a young person....

...if you only had one or two sentences in which to do it?

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go fast   turn left

Read the classics. Learn to grow and prepare you own food.

berserk it through life.

how are you Rose?

Don't catastrophize. It will probably turn out OK.

Shadowman, in high school the trend is away from the classics, can you believe?  All those lessons learned from reading them, gone to hell.

First... Know what you believe in....what you stand for; then be willing to defend it. And love someone....or something.....with everything you have.

Told this one to a college student struggling to pay for art school recently.

Museum memberships are mad cheap. Buy a membership and learn the museum.

It is sad when they think Helen of Troy was rescued by Popeye. This decline has crept into the hard sciences as well:

Old, but gold.

I've have watched accountability for intelligence being subjugated to how the student feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels over the past several years.  And  instead of BOOKS for summer reading ( I don't believe in forcing a kid to read in the summer anyway, but if we do it, let's have some pith to it), students are asked to read "memoirs" written by any Joe Bafenyats.   We might as well ask them to read People magazine or US.  So sad.

How are we supposed to keep up with other countries doing this?

don't fight when you're drunk..you'll get your @$$ kicked every time.

Make your life count for something. Arm yourself with education and common sense and people who care about you. Always be curious, always question, always be interesting. Rise above your circumstances...nobody gets a free pass...no whining....find something and someone to love.

watch everything I do......then do the complete opposite.




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