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I go in for surgery tomorrow morning.  Hoping to be back sometime next week.

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Good luck. Break a leg and fix your back.

I wish!!  This has to do with my pancreas. But thanks!!

Good luck. I hope all goes well.

I hope all goes well.  

i hope it all works out for you dwalt.. let us know how you are soon as you can ..ok??  

Wishing you the very best, dwalt!

Best wishes for a great outcome. Get well fast.

Wishing you an easy operation and a speedy recovery.

Good grief...the pancreas? Hope all goes well for a quick recovery.

Don't forget to fill us in on how you are doing...hope all went well.

Well I am back from hell... Not fun, not fun at all.  Went to one of the best medical centers there is up here. The surgery went well, (not malignant) but during the process the dr scratched my esophagus.  I'm pretty tough but that hurts, I mean really hurts.  The dr was so apologetic I actually felt sorry for him...that is until I got home and couldn't have anything to eat for 4 days. I am pretty much living on strawberry milk. They put me on lidocaine to drink every 4 hours and it does help some.  At any rate I am back!!!!

good to hear you're doin ok dwalt .. sorry about the esophagus scratchin but it should get better right ?? how long before you can eat somethin other than strawberry milk ?? ya can't have ice cream ? that always works for tonsils ?? 




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