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Have you ever had your name carved in a tree ? Like Paul Loves Joanna or something Memorable !

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We used to do that all of the time. Beech trees are by far the best for carving names.

Paul loves me?

Who is Paul?

Is he rich?

I dought it . Dang if I know ...

Written on our ladies room wall at the truckstop was the following:

"John loves Mary
Mary loves Tom
Tom loves Joan
Joan loves Jim
Jim loves Sally
Sally loves Michael
Michael loves John.
What a crazy, f****d-up world we live in!

Not romantic.....but much more likely. And.....No.....to the best of my knowledge, my name was never carved on a tree.

I added my x old ladys phone number at a truck stop on I 40 one time ...


I heard a supposedly-true story about a restroom on the 7th floor of a women's dorm at a Northwest college.

In one of the stalls, in a very girlish hand, someone had written "Mary Loves John".

Directly below that, in an unmistakably masculine scrawl, was "Tough Luck, Mary - Signed, John".

Yup, when I was in the fifth grade I had a boyfriend who carved my initials TG + PC, his initials inside a heart in a tree near our school.  The boys climbed the tree and carved it in an upper part of the trunk.  Not sure if it is still there or not, the tree or our initials. 

Sure, I think it was junior high school with the heart and just initials and the arrow.

i don't think so.. there's probably a few ex's i wouldn't trust with a knife anyway tho .. 

Callie, I don't know if I ever mentioned it here, but my childrens' father was part Native American (Osage). My oldest daughter is really proud of that, and has been known to wear jewelry or clothing with a Native American flair. Her hairpiece for her prom was a white band with two white feathers hanging down one side. Her prom date was the father of her oldest daughter. When she broke up with him, he went to a tatoo parlor with a picture of her, and had her tatooed on his left shoulderblade.....wearing an Indian ( sorry...it's shorter) band around her braided hair, with a feather in it. He swears it's just a Native American maid (Ok, I'll keep it PC), but anyone who ever saw it knew instantly who it was. I wonder if the gal he ended up married to ever knew that.

usually the initials of your first love are carved in your heart.




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