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OK, now go check out the winning Pick 4 numbers on mainelottery.org. 4686 what's the big , hairy deal you may ask. Well see, I rarely gamble but I had a dream this morning about lottery money and in my dream I saw some of the winning numbers so I sent Ray down to place $6 worth of bets for two drawings today and two drawings tomorrow. I've never played Pick 4 and don't even know all the rules for it. Ray brought me back straights and I told him I wanted some boxed ones because I had to pee real bad when I was looking at the winning numbers in my dream so all I had was 6,8,4. And I played 3 different variations. 2684, 6684, 8884. I'm in a kind of shock. I hardly ever gamble and ask Snagg, he's my fb chum, he'll tell you that I was posting about my dream before the drawing. Hello , PFM or WHAT?

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Bummer!!! But soooooooo close. What are the chances of such a thing again?

I wanted to say "You may have shot your wad" with this premonition, but I'm almost sure that is a bad thing to say.  I gotta stop hanging around with my husband, a construction guy.  But the phrase fits so perfectly.  Delete if you need to.  I'm leaving it up.

OK, well , fortunately when Ray brought this one home, I had read enough about it to send him back for another one where the prize wasn't as much but the odds were better because the order of the numbers doesn't matter when you do box on Pick 4. That one's a straight so it has to be exact but if you win you get $2,500. With the box ticket , I actually won $208.  So this is the first time I've ever won any money over $40 and that was just once with a scratch off ticket.

Congratulations Merry, $208 is a nice combo number.

Thanks, I split it 50/50 with Ray. I bought about $20 in 50 cent tickets so I made a nice profit and didn't even come close to winning for tonight so I think I'll just wait for another lottery dream before I play again.

i won the lottery the first time i ever played it .. it was the jersey lottery back in 88 .. i hit 4 numbers out of 6 and won 179 bucks .. with it i got a plane ticket and came to florida to be the best man at my friends wedding .. i looked around down here and liked what i saw .. he got married on sanibel island in march and it was absolutely beautiful .the sky was so blue , the gulf was so calm and it was about 82 degrees , we were right on the beach at the cassa yubell ..  i caught the garter belt and some young girl with legs up to her neck caught the bouquay .. it was a pretty wild weddin for sanibel and everybody went crazy .. i ended up puttin the garter belt on her with my teeth and they wanted it up all the way .. and i obliged .. she seemed to like it too so i guess i was seduced by florida and came home quit my job and packed up and started my own business down here .. when people would come in my store and ask me how i managed to do all that i told em .. i won the lottery .. 179 bucks goes a long way don't it ?? 

good for you, great story too. 

Thanks you guys, I'm still kinda freaked out about it. Good thing I didn't win powerball, I'd probably have a heart attack.

In re-reading this, I see that you WON.  I thought you lost.  The power of the mind, eh?




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