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 Turning the clocks back has always sent me into the deepest pit of depression.  I could cry as I am typing here--feel it already.  Not looking forward to this weekend at all.


Does anyone else have a problem with the dark days that are descending upon us?

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soooooo.. ya wanna do somethin wrong do ya karin ?? tell me about it ..

Now I don't mind because no matter what the clock says I go to sleep and get up at my own wake up pace. It did depress me when I was working, I wish they would leave it one way or the other. I hate not having the longer days though especially when the time first changes.

When my son was a baby I wanted it to be dark sooner so he could go to sleep at night, he wanted to be up and playing when I was exhausted. 

Have you tried one of those special spectrum lights crest? I hear they work well for people who feel depressed during the winter months. We have so much sun during the day here we don't need it but I remember feeling down in Michigan during the winter.

Sadly I don't get to drive anymore . Folks , in reality we turn back too the original time . When iworked the dark to dark working hours was a little depressing . Our hours were 7pm to 5:30pm . We will survive . Take a midol ,  all be well...

I saw the trucks out putting the twinkle lights on the trees in Solvang today, they wrap the trees and most of the limbs and driving thru that village at night can really cheer you up. All the businesses put those same white twinkle lights all around the roofs and windows.

If you have lots of trees in your yard you might try wrapping them crest..it is cheerful.

Olde Towne Alexandria and Olde Towne Fredericksburg do the same thing.  It's like a winter wonderland full of twinkling stars.  I love to go down to one of the quaint old coffee shops and having something hot and steamy and watch the shoppers. 

I would ove too be able to experience you decrived karen ...

The sun has not shown at all for two or three days here now so I guess I am getting the pre-change training program. Dismal, dark, dank, cold, and the existential howl of the part of the universe where consciousess does not belong getting louder and more persistent by the day is all we have to look forward to for awhile. But one day Spring or some approximation comes and almost knocks one out with delight when the Sun's light and warmth hits your body and the frogs and birds start chirping.  It is like some sort of manic/depressive condition that one does not really want to cure not so much because the depressive part is not prolonged and painful, but because the high is so high and you know you will not get it without the painful part. Talking about depression always cheers me up. ;-)  No snow to shovel here yet anyway, so that is good.

I can tell that talk about depression cheers you up, but there is something to what you say.  If only we could relinquish the sun happily, as the animals do, and just give in to hibernation.

If I may get graphic here; I always had horrible periods.  Premenstrual tension, headache, cramps--for 44 years  from when I was 11 tilI was 55 every month except for the times I was pregnant.  I read some female earth mother mystic say the menstrual days were days for women to go into themselves and quiet the spirit.  While the cramps and headache were still there ( thank God for Ibuprofen which is a miracle cure for cramps) I took to heart the part about quieting my spirit, and it helped a bit.

But THIS--I do NOT go gentle into the winter night. Time for an attitudinal adjustment here.


I never really gave a damn about the time change -

Until I met a person, an employed adult who was considered competent enough to hold a managerial position, who believed that THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE resets its clock twice a year, and we earthlings were just going with the flow.

I still don't really give a damn about the time change, but after that person, I developed a life-long loathing for IGNORANT MORONS WITH A POORER GRASP OF BASIC SCIENCE THAN THE AVERAGE  HOUSECAT.

Well  haveto admit I  like your thinking on this subject Snagg ...

Me too, still recovering from the epic hump that was my cycle last month. One day at a time, right?

Tuna , spinach and chick peas, three foods that help combat the blues according to my copy of the Doctor's Book of Food Remedies. Hope that helps.




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