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Everything I read says that desktop computers are going the way of the wooly mammoth. Personally, I still use mine. I also use tablets and laptops, but for quick posting etc, I just find it easier to use my pc desktop. Do you have a preference, and why? I guess mine is due to not having my tablets connected to a printer, and then I don't have keyboards for them either. I don't have the finger dexterity like some young ones do, with texting etc, so keyboards are easier for me although I tend to use the tablet way more often due to weight and being so easy to use. 

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i like the desktop too .. have a laptop but don't hardly ever use it .. i like the keyboard better and i just have to have a mouse .. i can never get that little pad thingy to work well for me .. so you might be right .. but i still have a landline phone and don't have a cell and thats supposed to be dead any minute too but .. i'll let go of my desktop and landline phone when they pry it from my cold dead hands .. 

yeah my mouse is wireless and its a logitech . so is my keyboard .. 

I use a Logitech wireless mouse. In fact, I use them on my pc, mac, laptop, and netbook too. I have another old pc (still works, running Windows 98) that has a wired mouse and it drives me crazy when I use it. Takes me a while to get used to it. 

the advantage of the desktop is the ease to repair them..and to be able to add to the build...ideally wireless network and voila use all of them

Me too, frenchy. I love my desktop and even if I have other ways to be online, I'll always (as long as I'm able) have a desktop. I do text on my phone but I'm just not quick with it like the kids are. 

One day i will afford a desk top again..like my laptop and tablet but prefer a desktop..

I use a tablet almost all of the time. Sometimes if I need to write a lot I use my laptop. There is a desktop I my office that hasn't been turned on in over a year and that was just to copy some pictures from it. I have been thinking about just tossing it.

Desktop for me, can't figure out how to use my kindleFire. I use my other kindle reader for books. I don't have a landline anymore however if people call my cell they'll have to wait till I remember where it is. I often leave it in the car or on the kitchen table very seldom have it with me. I don't like the phone it irritates me.

My husband uses his cell all the time so if people really want to reach me they call him.

I love my Apple all in one computer with wireless mouse and keyboard. My office is nice and cozy and sunny I like it because it's away from everything else.

here's a link to get a pdf file called the unofficial kindle fire manual from makeuseof.com



if you copy and paste the bottom address in a browser, you can just save the file from that as a pdf file

or from another site, here's a free cheat sheet


We have a desk top computer in the basement, use that for printing and photographs.  I have a laptop with a wireless mouse (can't get along with the pad either) on the main level. Also have a cell (which I only use when we're away from home) and a basic Kindle.  I think that's all the gadgets I am willing to deal with, my brain has enough trouble learning all this new stuff and I don't have any 5 year olds in my life to teach me.

Many many many thanks, you are all so helpful, and handsome and you sing well too.

I got the Galaxy tab 10.1 last year for Christmas and loved it so much I got the Galaxy Note 10.1 this year from the husband. Love it too!




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