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its like sharks that can smell blood in the water . they must know .. who are they ?? they are the ones who try to sell you all kinds of stuff cause they know you're gettin old .. i got somethin yesterday from some kinda insurance that would pay for my cremation when i die .. and the way they worded it had to make me wonder .. they said i could really benefit from their vast array of services ? it was insurance for cremation ?? how many vast different ways can they cremate me ?? i figure its maybe regular or .. extra crispy ?? or maybe they could sprinkle a little hot sauce on me and call me mucho coliente ?? 

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Just hang in there for a while. If you never even acknowledge them most will stop in a year or so. I know this from experience. However the insurance companies will never give up. They will be back every year in the fall during Medicare open enrollment.

Insurance companies, truly, will not give up.  Also, Life Alert ads will keep on coming.

We still get a lot of insurance junk mail, I try to get them in the recycle bin before I even bring them into the house.

I don't understand the cremation insurance either, unless they are adding some sort of service and an urn for the ashes...still, not all that expensive. Living in Florida, I've been getting brochures from the Neptune Society, they specialize in burials at sea. I have looked into that...I have a friend with a large boat who has agreed to take care of that for me and my family....no charge.
I have also gotten lots of information about reverse mortgages.
There are many details for sure, didn't seem to me it requires insurance....the cremation itself will only be $250.00...but I suppose things could add up.




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