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Pat's discussion about old favorites made me want to ask about new favorites.  Aside from electronic stuff like Roku and Droids, what are some of the new products or appliances that you really cannot live without?

For me, it is the Swiffer WetJet. OMG! So easy.  I cheated, cut a hole in the top of the container and put a mixture of Windex and water in my old one for years.  It finally broke, and I had to buy a new one.  Can't live without it.

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Me being not able to walk and very limited to do things unless setting up in bed . I guess pretty much rules me out on this one . Unless it's my electric fry pan and crock pot and dorm refrigerator . Also have a small Ice maker . TV , Computer and all the gadgets i have for it . My internet radio . 

I also have an internet radio and it is one of the few 'tech' type things I enjoy.

That video was from when he was still funny. He became very bitter in his later years.

  I have an Electrolux vac from the 1980s.  When something breaks, I get it fixed. For dog hair, I have found nothing else works like it. Pat,  I like the bag because everything is contained. With the bagless, I feel all the dust flies all over the place, but I never had a Dyson although I've tried other vacs in weak moments when I didn't want to get the Electrolux fixed and wanted to try something new.  I like the canister Electrolux.  Funny how different people are in their preferences.

I prefer a bag vacuum also. I think huge amounts of dust come out of the bag less ones. However it is getting harder to find bags to fit my almost 40 year old Electrolux. They don't make them like they used to.

I get them right from Electrolux. They will deliver them right to your house.

Never thought to get them that way. Thanks.
Did you know that the dust vacuumed up makes great fertilize for flowers and grass. Just don 't put it on very thick. It will burn the plants. Must be all the dust mites, dog and cat hair and whatever else ends up on the floor.

This post caused me to dream last night . My Aunt came by and i told her to take my Vacuum cleaner and suck the grit off my bed . I had turned over on edge of bed . She got the Hoover on the bed , turned it on . She was doing real good till she got close to me . Dang vacuum got next to my leg and as it came up my leg it suck one of my Balls right in the mouth of that thing . I was a screaming for her to cut it off . She said she was sorry . Wouldn't have happen if i had clothes on ....

Two weeks ago i had a dream my x boss man's wife came up to me and told me she loved me . I woke up . That woman died 3 years ago ..... 

well .. like chief i been thinkin about stuff and you said i can't count my roku or anything electronic .. i'll agree with pat about the dishwasher .. i love my dishwasher .. funny but true .. a couple of years ago my smoothtop stove broke , but i had an electric fryin pan .. a big toaster oven and a microwave , and a crockpot and a barbque grill and a georgie forman grill too .. i didn't really miss the stove at all and 4,5,6 months went by .. and then my dishwasher broke too.. i had a guy out there that day for the dishwasher and while he was there i had him fix the stove too .. i mean he was already there .. so why not ?? 

i just got an mp3 player ? but thats electronic tho .. i got a little radio for the kitchen so if i'm in ther cookin for a bit i can listen to some tunes . and dig this , it has a little input to hookup the mp3 player so i can listen to that thru the radio ?? not bad huh?? and it plays cd's too .. but if you're workin with breadcrumbs fryin up some eggplant you don't wanna mess with cd's .. just let that mp3 player do its thing .. 

i like my digital cameras but truth be told they don't work anything like my 35mm does .. with my 35mm i could set the shutter speed and aperature and i knew what i was doin .. i really knew .. with the digital it decides it all for me so its taken me completely out of the equation .. and i don't like that all that much .. but i like that pics are instant and you don't have to pay to develop them .. i don't like that unless you print em out they could be lost forever and who really prints out their digital pics ?? and focal lengths .. oh man don't even get me started on that .. nothin is the same on a digital camera .. on a regular 35mm 50mm was what you'd call your average lens meanin that it saw the room or the shot pretty much the same as the human eye did .. over 50 and you were gettin into telephoto territory .. 135 would zoom you up pretty close ..300mm and you could take pictures of grizzly bears and they might not even know you were there .. 24 mm and you have about as wide as a wide angle lens could be without it turnin into a fisheye .. 17 mm and that will distort time and space .. on a digital i have no idea what any of the numbers mean cause on every camera they're different .. they used to give you the 35mm equivilents but i'm not so sue they even bother anymore ..

 i think thats one of the best pros and cons i can think of old vs. new .. photography .. and i guess i could say the same thing about recording equipment too .. digital vs. analog .. they both do the same thing .. but how they go about it is completely different .. everything you thought you knew about analog don't apply to digital .. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...........you wanna spend a day pullin out your hair ?? 




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