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Lots of sex can make you look up to 7 years younger

15 hrs ago

Here's something that'll get you in the mood: Research has shown that having a healthy sex life can make you look five to seven years younger. According to Dr. David Weeks, former head of old age psychology at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, UK, the endorphins released during sex have a number of health benefits and can reduce anxiety, aid in sleep, act as a natural painkiller, boost circulation to the heart and make the skin appear more elastic. All this adds up to a more youthful appearance for the physically amorous. Dr. Weeks found that those who looked younger than their age had sex three times a week on average, leaving little time to actually participate in the study. [Source]

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guldarned? is your real name Festus?

UH, NOOOOOOOOOO Speaking of Festus, my daughter got to meet HHH and a few other wrestlers while she was a poolie doing a Toy's for Tots collection in CT.

Festus is a deputy (gunsmoke)

is your poolie groomed?


I don't think Festus should answer that one.

Most people think I look much younger than my years, now I know why.

Well... I need to get started then ! ;-)

ooooo....Maybe Obamacare could cover it...and just to be fair I'm thinking vibrators and other toys should be covered too.

If they pay for a penis pump then it would be fair for lady's toys ....

You mean if "B.O.B." gives out......they would pay for a new one? How 'bout batteries?

do you mean there's a chance it may explode???

I don't think i'd much caree for that...well,not yet.

Maybe step up to rechargeable s . Don't think i ever heard of a Bob shorting out .... 





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