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So interested in the kinds of people. I love shows like Alaskan Bush People as well.  Do you think people who choose to live so far off the grid have mental issues?

I believe some go too extreme in living that way .

If they just like solitude, but maintain healthy human relations and treat the land with respect, I see no problems with that lifestyle. Just because somebody chooses to live a life away from the strictures of modern society doesn't make them an illiterate hillbilly or the Unabomber.

Hope those bush people have a new season and find a place to live . Maybe some do . If I was able I would love to live like that .

Those Alaska Bush People need to take a hint from the Kilchers on Alaska the Last Frontier. They have built a thriving homestead but they don't have as many kids to feed.
Did you know that Jewel the singer is the daughter of Atz Kilcher? She and her father sing the theme song.
Yes but the tub was metal. It is all we had until we moved to a house with indoor plumbing when I was seven.

My family never got a shower or tub till 1970 . We would go to grandma's and take a bath there . I have picture of me in a albumin dish pan and we also used a big wash tub that was galvanized . Not to often warm .

We had metal tubs outside as kids but it was for playtime instead of a kiddie pool a big galvanized tub. We always had a bathtub and shower.

not sure what to say about this one .. you caption it .. 

I think she has a self deception image of herself if she thought she would fit in that sink. Tight fit and where is the water?

How she get out of it .

Cheese Anyone !




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