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Can a perfert Murder be commited ?

Does a person need a Motive to commit Murder ?

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No, they just need a victim.

Read the news, the world outside of our borders is downright chockful of perfect crimes day in and day out.

I think it happens all the time.  Look at Gary Ridgeway (and other serial killers)  They don't find all the bodies..

I love mystery and suspense novels, reading them tells me many murders are committed without the perp being caught

I don't think murders have a motive in most cases, just being in the wrong place when the murderer is drunk or in a rage or a gang member who needs to pass initiation.

I asked this because i was watching Matlock last night and he said there were no such thing as a perfect murder .

There is a police detective that lives in my neighborhood...she recommends wrapping the body with chicken wire and sharing with the fishes and the gators....seems to be the preference for getting rid of drug snitches around here.

yeah .. but i can't talk about it ..




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