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My mom is gone and I don't have kids, so Sunday is just another day for me.  However, there are many mothers in this group.  And i know none of you "want" or "expect" anything special.  But if you had your druthers, how would you like to be honored by your kids and/or the father of your children on that day?  

What would constitute a "great"  Mother's Day for you personally?

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ehh.. i'd  just give em sex and a good dinner .. uhh.. not my mom mind you now .. she'd just get the dinner .. but the other mothers .. sex and a box of chocolates , maybe a nice bottle of wine too .. and the sex was special .. 

Last time I took a woman on a date it cost  me 40 dollars for a dinner and movie . Didn't get any but I could have . She was a baptist preachers wife . If I had I would a had the wraph of God after my ass ....

One of my favorite Mother's Days was in NC where I had been with my son right after he got home from Iraq. We had the day to ourselves, and he took me out on Emerald Isle to a small seaquarium, where we had fun watching all the creatures left behind after the tide went out. Then we did some sight-seeing, and went home where he cooked linguini with clam sauce for me. A truly lovely day.
Last year he took me to Quantico Officers' Club for a Mother's Day brunch. This year we are going to a restaurant in Occoquan, VA, which sits right on the river and is known for its seafood. He has invited my friend, Marie, whose son flew with him in Iraq. Her son is in California, and still in the Corps. We took her last year, too. She really had a nice time.
My mother is gone and my wife and mother of my children is also gone. Caleb and I just leave home at times like this. We are currently at Natchez Trace State Park in West Tennessee and will stay here until Mother's Day has passed.

An I Love You for one . I haven't heard that in many years  , even fathers day .

My Mom just likes having family around... the more, the merrier. Last evening, my sisters and I got some old picture albums out and had some good giggles along with some of the nieces. We've been on lots of trips together and had lots of mishaps and lots of really bad hair ( living in FL) except for the years I lived out West..really good hair years for me..
Sunday, I'll fix brunch for the Moms in the family...more giggles and laughs I'm sure.
Mom likes to create the memories...

Sounds like a wonderful time B.  And I bet your Brunch is delish! :)

I got a big surprise from my son this mother's day. While he was growing up I had a brass chicken on a table near the entry and it became a habit for us to leave things in the chicken like money or keys or notes and we would automatically say I'll leave it in the chicken. During my divorce that chicken disappeared. I've looked for another one far and wide over the years and never saw anything like it.

I opened my package yesterday and there it was an exact replica of the brass chicken. It meant so much more because it was meaningful only to my son and myself and he actively looked for it from time to time for me.

It would have been better if my son was with me but it was a very special mother's day for me.

Wow, that is a wonderful gift.  I am so happy you had a good day.

It was topped off with a 3 hour phone call today, it's fun to catch up with all the little stuff that happens in a long phone call. A very good day.

Well, turns out I wasn't feeling up to going out to that luncheon....so my son drove down to Fredericksburg to pick up my friend, and then he and his wife prepared a lavish feast for us...shrimp on a skewer, bacon-wrapped scallops, chicken/apple sausages, asparagus, tossed salad, pea salad, fresh baked rolls.....and a seafood chowder with scallops, shrimp and mussels. And homemade cinnamon rolls for dessert. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day.

I had a great day, spent it with family and a few friends.  We were out on a boat, just relaxing and having a few drinks.  I don't spend as much time with my husband as I would like, so days like today I really cherish.




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