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Did you ever fall in love at first site? Do you believe it's possible?

Did you ever see someone you didn't know and think about that person for days afterwards?

Have you ever been so selflessly in love that you would do anything for the other person?

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Did you ever fall in love at first site? Do you believe it's possible?  Almost.  The first person I talked to at a singles function I stayed with for five years. It was certainly something happening at first site.

Did you ever see someone you didn't know and think about that person for days afterwards? Yes. Believe it or not, one was a doctor I saw on TV during the first Gulf War.  He was an Iraqi, and he was so deeply attractive, I thought about him.

Have you ever been so selflessly in love that you would do anything for the other person? No. I'm still waiting for that feeling.  I only had it for my children so far.  I share my time with the men in my life, but I have never been so in love that I loved unconditionally.  I think love between a man and a woman has to have conditions.  Or does it?

I do believe in love at first sight.....or at least intense attraction. It happened to my sil ...and my oldest daughter. I have met two men that stuck in my mind for a long time. And altho unconditional love sounds good in theory......in reality, it's not necessarily a good thing. One must have boundries.
Sure , my first love second love not so much too the one I married . As I look back now I wish I had never got married . Crushes , a lot but never told them . For people I meet online I some time imagine being in love with some of them . My shyness always gets in my way ...
Sometimes I see someone I just wish I was friends with . Just to have conversations with .
1. No, but do think it is possible.
2. Not that I recall but my memory is not what it used to be.
3. Yes, three times. The first one in college, she just up and dumped me one day. The second I was married to for 30 years until she died. The hardest thing ever for me was that I could not save her. The third I started dating two years after my wife died. I loved her deeply but she was a good friend of my wife and never thought she was doing the right thing. We are still friends and still see each other often but it is not what it used to be.

ahh... love at first sight .. the ago old question .. to be honest i've been intensely attracted to a few people at first sight in my life .. so while i don't believe in love at first sight i do believe you can like someone an awful lot .. love takes a bit of time to really get to know someone .. and if i feel that intense attraction i'm usually willin to put in the time to find out .. even if i'm attracted but also conflicted .. when i met this one girl who i almost married i was playin guitar at this private dinner at an upscale resturant in the banquet hall upstairs . when i walked in with the band and all our equipment i noticed her right away .. like some kinda electricity in the air .. so the deal was the band played and everybody danced and then we had to take a break while we ate and then we played some more .. they set places for the band cause well we were there .. and they had the head count exactly .. so there were no extra chairs or plates or anything .. and one by one all the guys in the band tried to sit next to her and she told them this seat is reserved .. i was the last to leave the stage and it was the only seat left . i knew she shot everybody else down but there wasn't anyplace else for me to sit so i said would you mind if i ... and she said not at all i've been savin this seat for you .. i didn't even get a chance to finish and she already had me sittin there like she just reeled in the biggest fish on the party boat grinnin from ear to ear .. now truth be told i probably would have said somethin to her before the night was thru anyway but the first thing i thought was this girl is a schemer , i better watch out .. and then some other girl came over to say hello to me and just make small talk before we went back on and she got really snippy with her .. and she was so fast about it that the other girl didn't even get a chance to utter a word .. that was flag number two .. then she asked me to drive her home ( an she already told her girlfriend who she came with to go ) that shoulda been flag number three .. when i dropped her off she gave me her number and kissed me goodnight and told me to call her.. so in short she was a real commando butt if you get my drift .. yet i was still attracted to her . and this confused me cause i didn't think i liked her .. she was really pretty tho .. i didn't call her for a week . i thought about it and wanted to but didn't want to .. when i finally did call she said what took you so long .. so i told her i wasn't sure i was gonna call or not .. she said sure you were .. i knew you were gonna call .. i just knew it .. well i didn't know.. could you call that love at first sight ?? 

and i've seen or met lottsa people that i wondered about afterwards .. if i learned one thing in life its this .. ( and its from missed opportunities ) if you meet someone and you feel that attraction if you want to see them again then you have to act then .. cause if you've only met them that day for the first time and you're 25 years old or so and they live in the same town as you how many years do you think it will be before you run into them again ?? 5 years ?? 10 years ? 25 years ? never ? odds are it will be a long time if its just a chance meetin .. so tell them how attractive you find them and ask for their number because you may not ever see them again .. the worst they can do is say no .. if they do you probably won't see them again anyway .. if you do, the next time they might approach you .. 

selflessly in love ?? hmmm.. thats a tough one . i know i've been in love a few times where i felt like i'd wanna die for that person if i had to .. i was fishin with my crazy cousin john quite a few years back and he said do you remember how you felt about your old lady when you were first married ?? and i said yeah .. and he said remember how much you loved her ?? and i said yeah . remember how you felt like you woulda died for her if you had to ?? and i said yeah .. and he said now that you ain't together anymore ain't you glad that situation never came up ?? and i said .. HELL YEAH .. if you're on a plane and them oxygen masks come down cause you're losin cabin pressure they always tell you to put your mask on first before you try to help someone else put on theirs .. i know that may sound selfish but it only makes sense cause if you pass out you can't help anybody .. i think the same goes for love .. i know that i'm a true romantic .. but i'm not a hopeless romantic . i can read the writin on the wall and can add things up .. i'm not a hopeless romantic . maybe hopeful romantic would be a better term .. it may not sound as desperate or as gooey but i'm still a romantic .. or maybe a romantic realist ?? or a realistic romantic ??   

Yup, It's funny how at the time, I may have felt as if I would die for the person, but I got over ALL of them, so how much did I actually care, I ask myself. There is no person I am pining for except for missing those who have died. 

What went on here? Love at first sight?

1. Yes I think sometimes there is a chemistry between people that is like a magnet and it turns into something permanent.

2. Of course, I have a rich fantasy life with someone I see that attracts me, of course it's all secret right?

3. Pretty close, not anything like commit murder but anything legal yes. Luckily he would never have asked me to do anything that made me uncomfortable in any way. I would never have wanted him to cross over any personal boundaries either. 




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