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The general consensus in my small northern Maine town is that people from NJ do not know how to drive period. I know this is the consensus of the town cause the owner of the cab co here told me so. In NJ they pull into their driveways,carve another notch into the steering wheel , wipe the blood off the bumper and sit down to dinner and a movie, then go to bed. Here in northern Maine when we wipe the blood off the bumper , we throw the meat in the freezah to heat up the house in the wintah , by making a stew. What we all want to know is , "Where's Godzilla??? Cause we don't see him bearing down on us in our rear view mirrors but you guys sure drive like you do.

Yup. Sometimes it's like a gauntlet from the medieval days just to go shopping at one of the malls on the highway,lol.


When my son first moved here....in '05....he called me one day, and when I answered the phone, he just said, "How the Hell does anyone get anywhere here????" 

We are 40 miles from DC.  Potomac Mills Mall is about 15 miles outside of DC.....making it about 25 miles from here.  That day, he had been on the highway over 2 hours, and still wasn't there.  Now.....to be fair.....it doesn't always take that long.  On an average day, if you don't go during rush hour (a vague term here for "just about any time of day"), it usually takes just under an hour to get there.....still way too long for a 25-30 mile ride. 

Hey Yo Vinnie,Yous guys jumpin on da turnpike or what?

I get frustrated when I have to be in heavy traffic, I can do it but I couldn't live with it every day. We are so lucky to live in a low traffic area the only time we have back ups are when there is a parade in Solvang our little Danish village 2 miles away.

There are times when we travel towards LA, not often because OMG cars everywhere. Santa Barbara sometimes has traffic back ups during rush hours mostly heading south towards Ventura, I am usually going in the opposite direction heading north. I feel for you people who have to drive in it.

I'm not driving 18 hours anywhere...I'll fly too. I'm good within FL,(where I live) thats as far as I drive. I can do traffic...driven in most major cities...but not long distances.

We like road trips and drive to SC often.  As long as there is good music, we like it. Usually one rests while the other takes a three or four hour shift. 

The road, the vibrating of the car, the music are hypnotic and peaceful except from Baltimore/Washington DC to around Richmond VA.

I can't imagine the guy in the video sitting in a living room in Nebraska or Montana telling them his tale of woe.  The people would freak!

its funny how we change when we get older .. there was a time i'd think nothin of jumpin in the care and drivin to canada in the summer just cause it was there .. now eeeeeeeee.. i'm way way way way worse than that guy in the video .. i hate drivin anywhere  .. if i liked bein on the road i woulda been a rock star .. that and crowds .. i don't like crowds either .. funny how we change huh ??




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