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I work in a high class neighborhood for a rich old lady and there is a lot of NEW "mansions" going up all the time in her end of the street. Well, MOST of the land across the street is still just a grassy hill so when about 4 tractor trailers parked there day after day for a couple weeks, it didn't occur to  me to be "curious".  Someone mentioned the "movie" being made and I realized (as I was leaving one day) on the side of the trucks they were 20th century fox trailers. (YES...DUH!!!)

So, out of pure coincidence, I have a NEW client on the OTHER side of town who's daughter happens to live about 10 houses down from my FIRST client. And ANOTHER coincidence.....they are filming at THAT lady's house.

There are always movies being filmed in and around Pittsburgh but this was actually a TV SHOW called, Time to Kill. (I THINK). Anyway, I never heard of it.

I guess its the closest I have come to a movie set. Besides the time they had JUST finished filming parts of JUNGLE BOOK at a park in Tennessee about 5 minutes before we arrived. I was SO mad not to have got to see all the Tigers, elephants, etc!!


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Maybe they will catch you on film or you could be an extra . Anyway you getting excitement from it ...

I watched Steve McQueen film the opening scenes of a movie called, "The Hunter", in Joliet, IL, about 2 years before he died.  They filmed it on Collins Street on the east side of town, near my house.  It was a killer hot day, and the lights were so bright, and Steve had to wear a hot tanker-style jacket all day.  I felt sorry for him.  A whole lot of locals were used as extras on the set and they were fed at a nearby KFC.  LeVar Burton was in the scene, too, and was really nice to the folks.  It sure made me aware of how unglamorous Hollywood can be. 

There is a lot of filming around our town, the closest I've come is having my office in a made for TV movie, they filmed after we left work for the day and had everything back the way it was each morning. I did see the movie on TV, my office was in several shots.

I worked at City Hall in Santa Barbara at that time. My office was the Sheriff's in the movie.

Cool, Kim.

I had a long term boyfriend between marriages who was quite colorful, to say the least, and he lived in a cottage down by the river--a real "love nest."  It was very picturesque in a seedy, backwoods, rustic way. 

Once while we were together, movie people seeking a location came to him to ask if they could film a few scenes outside and in his unusual bathroom ( weird step down tub).  They haggled over where the crew would go to the bathroom.  He didn't want them using the one in the house and they would not get a port-a-john, so there was no deal.  I would have let them use my bathroom if I were he, for sure.


That's neat. Enjoy!




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