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Do you own a Gun if so what kind ?

f so do you keep it close by in case you need to use it ?

You ever go to a Gun Range to Practice ?

Do you plan on Buying a Gun if you don't own one ?

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I myself don't own a gun but am thinking of getting one . Legal wise that is .

I have a bb gun.

`After my Dad died, my Mom gave me his working guns...a rifle and a pistol. I was to the only sibling in the family that knew how to use them. My brother has since been to the gun range and learned how to fire them so I gave them to him.
I have a sister who has also learned how to use a gun...she has some kind of pistol...and she has a consealed weapons permit.
I have no desire or need to have a gun.

I have two guns, both antiques. A mussel loading flintlock pistol from the early 1800's and a Kentucky long rifle from mid 1800's. Both are in working order but I don't have any powder or shot. I have never fired either of them. I grew up in a hunting family but never enjoyed it. I was actually a pretty good shot but haven't fired a gun in at least 10 years. I have no desire for a gun for self defense or other purposes.
You put mollusks in your pistol? ;-)

mussel loader sounds messy...maybe a little salty too

not any more.

Spelling was never my strong suit and my iPad jumps to conclusions about what I meant to say. I need to check more closely.

I grew up using them as we farmed and my dad hunted. Grew up playing hide and seek hiding under the bed with a 30-30 Stevens Bolt Action rifle and 16 guage shotgun laying there next to me. I would not trust kids to do this now. I have several guns that I use for deer hunting which is all I do now. Also I dispense with some pests around my gardens and "ranch" with a shotgun or .22 rifle.   I have a concealed carry permit but have never used it to carry gun.  I would be happy if they put a strict ban on handguns. If it is a right to own a handgun, it is one I could happily trade for a safer world.  They are too concealable and the guns most often used in crimes but the corporations that manufacture them and the ammo essentially own the legislators.

For home security if that is the intent, my preference would be the shotgun, less costly than a handgun and no need to be too accurate. A bear spray container/pepper spray is used by some or some recommend a can of wasp/hornet spray which is cheap and sprays several yards but you may want to check the Snopes site on the claims on its use.

i own one handgun .. a taurus 38 revolver..i've only fired it a few times and to be honest i'm not all about havin to shoot somebody . i hope that never comes up .. i took the course for the carry permit about 18 years ago or so .. its just insurance in case someone breaks in .. my neighborhood is not a bad one but shit happens no matter where you are so bein safe is not a guarantee .. i keep it close for just in case but so far just in case has never happened ..lets hope it stays that way .. i don't advocate someone to buy a gun if they don't feel comfortable havin it around .. or if you're gonna have little kids around who might get into things . but if you should get one i'd say to learn how to use it correctly and to keep it in a safe place .. a gun ain't nothin to be monkeyin around with .. weather by accident or on purpose guns don't kill people .. people kill people ..    

People with guns kill people.
And people with knives, bombs, box-cutters, poison, tire irons, baseball bats, shovels, pipe wrenches, cars, fists, arson, garrotes.........




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