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Perhaps you can name foods that have a sociological impact if bought and eaten.  Apparently some can cause lesbianism and communism. I will have to check the ingredients. There is a Saturday Night Live skit in here somewhere.

"Girl Scout cookie season is still a few months away, but pastor and right-wing activist Kevin Swanson is already worked up about the consequences of eating Caramel DeLites and Thin Mints.

Namely, lesbianism, abortion, Communism and general wickedness.

“Please, I beg of you, stop buying Girl Scout cookies,” Swanson pleaded during his Monday radio broadcast.

Swanson isn’t the first conservative to go absolutely bananas over the Girl Scouts’ inclusive but fairly anodyne policies regarding sexuality, gender and religion, but it’s still plenty fun to listen to him panic about them."



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What's with these geezers? They will pick on any female or any reason to try to make females sound bad.

Not that I think Lesbianism, abortion or Communism are necessarily bad things.  Communism doesn't work because some always abuse the idealism, abortion is sometimes necessary if a young girl is raped or if there is a tubal pregnancy for instance, and Lesbianism is how some people are made, you don't change into one or out of one, it's just the way some people are made, like having red hair or blue eyes.

So what is he ranting about? Cookies don't have magic powers no matter who is selling them.

and what about those darn Keebler elves?

I just knew those mint cookies were baddddd.....ohhhhh, and those ones with the coconut.

Silly old men....had no idea the Girl Scouts were so subversive.

Scoff if you will but I have been feeding Caramel DeLites to female acquaintances for years. My reward has been to view more woman on woman sex then any man has a right to enjoy.

Long live girl scout cookies!!

So that's it hunh? Forget the devil, it was the cookies that made me do it. I knew those cuties with cookies were too darn good to be true!

It's fruitcakes like him who make me stay away from organized religion. Makes it tough on the rest of us.

I remember hearing stories about a girl who got pregnant from eating a macaroon.

"but if you dress up like a girl scout, hunny, i promise to eat your cookies"

You just KNOW that Swanson likes to dress up as a slutty Campfire Girl and parade around his basement, screaming "Somebody spank me - I'm a DIRTY GIRL !!!"

So if I eat Girl Scouts cookies, listen to Elton John and Queen music, and LIVE in San Francisco, what does that make me?! This is SUCH a ridiculous idea, "ANTI GIRL SCOUT PREACHER MAN!"




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