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Have had a bad disturbing day . I made it to see a Surgeon this morning . Doctor came in checked me out , Viewed X Rays i had . Conclusion , He said he can't perform Surgery to fix my knee . Has been too long after i fell that surgery wouldn't help . In other words i may never walk again . Gonna have home health come out to see if they can do something to get me at least into a wheel chair . I am so stressed out . Just doesn't feel worth living anymore ...

Damn you if you think this is a pity party

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Wayne, get a second opinion.  I have a hard time believing what that dr said.  But no matter what know we care and life is worth living I promise.

I sure hope that you stick around cause you brighten up my day. I wish you the best.


I think you are a very nice man.

Well Doctor feels  around on my knee . He said Tendon was torn loose from kneecap . The problem was i have healed up in past 12 weeks and then taking that in account he said he felt it was very little he could do surgery wise . Home health is going to come out and see if they can get me rehabilitated enough to  at least get in wheel chair . May have wheel chair delivered tomorrow . The problem isn't so much to getting in chair . The problem begins getting off wheel chair to get back in bed .. Will see what happens in coming weeks . May see another doc but also think it is useless to do that ..

I use a rice bag that I heat in the microwave for about a min and a half for aches and pains and it can also be used for a cold pack by putting it in the freezer. Some guys just fill up a clean sock with rice and tie it off and put that in the microwave. When they finally get their crap together ask the aids to help you make one. They're awesome. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

It seems to me that somebody could put some kind of splint or some such thing on it to make it stable enough for you to get on and off the bed at least using a cane or a crutch for extra support. Isn't something like that possible?

  I also would get a second opinion. 

Don't lose hope, Wayne.


There is a new type of surgery for this...mentioned in this article. Do some homework/ be proactive...that helps with the stress.
Some strengthening exercises might help with stress also.

Another article with additional info...and pictures too.


wayne ,nothing is hopeless till you take your very last breath and you're still breathin so use your computer like vickie says .. google what they say you have and what your options are .. there has to still be some options .. even if it means they have to cut your leg off and give you an artificial limb .. if thats what it takes to get you walkin again .. of course thats kinda drastic but as sad as that option is it might be better than sittin in a chair for the rest of your life ..so get movin on it .. its your life wayne , how do you wanna spend it ?? you can make it better if you want to..   your choice buddy ..whats it gonna be ??    

Two women in my aqua aerobics class had to have knee surgeries they were taking the class to exercise without putting pressure on their knees. They both said the doctors emphasized the most important part of recovery and a functioning knee would be the physical therapy after the surgery. The doctors both said it would be hard and painful but they had to gear up for doing it for a few months if they wanted knees to work without pain later.

They also had to exercise for a few months before surgery.

Perhaps you should discuss this with your surgeon Wayne, he might not want to do it if he thinks you won't be able to do the physical therapy. Wish you good luck with your second opinion.

Thanks for those links , that one descrived my injury I have . I am going to find a different doctor that may can help me . Wheel Chair place came to my hom and ordered the right chair for me . Lady called me concerning Medicaid . Said too send all my doctor bills , all the way back to October 30th 2011. Medicaid wwould pay for them . Home Health is coming out . Gonna try to get a Hospital bed . That would  help in getting in and out of bed . And again thanks ...

Ya know , after the doc told me he couldn't help me . He said to ccome back in two weeks . Guess to bleed the system ...

See! Things are looking up!  Hang in, please, dear Wayne. 





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