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Will anyone be watching the Academy Awards tonight.  I have to admit, I like the fashion show on the red carpet.  And I actually like Ellen as a host, so it might even be entertaining this year.  Do you have a favorite pick for the big categories? 

Best Picture:  American Hustle; Nebraska; Captain Philips; Philomena; Dallas Buyers Club; 12 Years a Slave; Gravity; Wolf of Wall Street; Her

Actor in a Leading Role: Christian Bale (American Hustle); Chitewel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave); Bruce Dern (Nebraska); Matthew McConaughey (Dalla Buyers Club); Leonardo DiCaprio (Wolf of Wall Street)

Actress in a Leading Role: Amy Adams (American Hustle); Judy Dench (Philomena); Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine); Meryl Streep (August Osage County); Sandra Bullock (Gravity) 

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wow we were doin this at the same time t .. you musta been readin my mind .. but i think your post is better than mine .. you have all the nominees listed .. and i don't .. we should use your post instead of mine .. you did a gooder job than i did .. 

Two great minds same great thought!  :)  

I saw all the movies except Wolf of Wall Street and Twelve Years a Slave.  Leonardo is always good but I can't judge whether he should get the Oscar. 

McConaughey was good In Buyer's Club, but he is PHENOMENAL in True Detective.  He has come a long way. I respect him as an actor now. 

Blanchette was perfect in Jasmine. She was an unlikeable character, unlike Blanche in Streetcar upon which this movie is based. Blanche was fragile and had a dreamer's soul. Blanchette came off like a cold, spoled rich person, which she was supposed to be. 

August: Osage County--nothing new there at all.  Dysfunctional family--who needs to go to the movies to see that? And, it's been done before and done better.

Gravity wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but Best Actress?  It was an action movie. Lots of labored breathing and grunting.  This movie may win for visuals.

Christian Bale, like McConaughey, is not afraid to discard his pretty boy looks to get into a role.  He was great.  Amy Adams--I didn't see her in the role she was in. And she walked around with low cut blouses for no reason whatsoever. They didn't make her look sexy--just out of place.

Bruce Dern wasn't much different from the way he looks, lol.  I liked this movie because subtly, so subtly, his real character came out, and it wasn't maudlin, either.

Philomena-=-Densch really seemed like every older Irish Catholic woman I know. The movie made me cry--not because of the story line, but because of her undying faith. Wish I had it.

Captain Philips--I fast forwarded through much of this.  Lots of screaming and sweating--did not like it, except at the end where Hanks was in shock; he was believable as a man in shock, but, again, not impressed.

I sound pretty negative, and I am except for American Hustle where everyone was really stretched to their acting limits.

My opinion! 

I love to watch the movies so I can engage in the show.

Men don't watch Award shows.....not even ESPN awards.  I used to go to my daughter's to watch the Oscars, Golden Globes, and Emmys.  That way he doesn't have to watch it, and I can have fun yakking it up with Wendy and the girls about clothes, and who's hunkier than who. 

I will be selling girl scout cookies tonight. Watching entertainment figures giving each other awards for entertaining is way down on my to do list.

great post t...some of these movies i do want to watch, some i probably won't bother. on the plus side, you notice they seem to be more adult oriented than the past few years? more grownup and less dimwitted than the recent spew of flotsam the studios thought was great stuff

i never watch awards shows. it all just seems like a big circlejerk. so instead i have the entire season of last tango in halifax.

by the by chief, you might do a search at your local library to see if they have the movies you do want to see. to be honest, most movies are watchable but not collectable.

I almost never watch a movie more than once.  To me, it's like reading the same book over and over again.  Once I know the ending.....Pffffft!  There are a few exceptions to the rule.....anything Johnny Depp, for instance ;-).......and movies that really impact me and either inspire me or make me laugh.  I hate romantic schmaltzy movies, and don't do many war flicks, either.  Action flicks entertain me, as do mysteries, and big, special effects.  Certain stars attract me to movies; if they are in them, they are usually worth seeing at least, even if they don't get nominated for anything.  I love Morgan Freeman, Robert Downey Jr., Michael Caine, Tom Hanks, and, God rest his soul, Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  Likewise, anything with Meryl Streep, Judy Densch, Maggie Smith, or Helen Mirren is usually worth seeing. 

I have never watched them.  

I was flipping through the channels last night and CNN was having a show on the history of the Academy, the winners and movies.  They had just gotten to the part about the Black Lists.  It was really interesting but I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer and had to go to sleep.  I haven't seen any of the movies this year, I wait till they come on on tape and then rent them through netflicks or amazon prime.  I did want to see a few of them though, I made an effort to see Philomena, but missed it in theaters, I wanted to see Her, but no one would go with me and I would have gone to 12 Years a Slave, but I figured it would be better to watch at home, so I am waiting.  I am looking forward to seeing the red carpet fashions tonight.  

My picks
Matthew McConaughey
Sadra Bullock

Hey, pickleallen!  Nice to see you again.

I like the awards shows for the same reason I like to look at magazines sometimes: the pretty colors.

And I LOVE the movie clips--I wait for movie clips--I look at movie clips on Youtube. 




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