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How many songs about horses can we find? Or songs in which horses figure? Heck...songs written by someone named Horse or Clydesdale or Shetland...hahaha.

I wonder! 

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I haven't heard any of these songs but then this has been a strange 10 months. The biggest lesson from these months has been the value that having a trainer in the correct discipline and training consistently pays off and it was never so evident in our scores at the only show we did. In training 3 test I had a 2 pt deduction because I made 4 loops instead of three! Starting in October of last year my trainer began having surgeries on her feet and hips that were necessary due to a condition called avascular necrosis. Each surgery required a period of recouperation and p/t naturally. So I tried to compensate with 2 substitute trainers neither of which were very experienced in dressage. My purpose was to keep riding and practicing. It did not work out that well and she still needs 2 more surgeries which will probably take her into next year before she is really back to work.

On a positive note recently since she is partially ambulatory,  we did 2 lessons near to her house on a new horse, Twinkle, who is a bit smaller that Maxx but has an engine like Jelly Bean and so I'm focused on achieving a 2 beat trot.... it's a work in progress

Hope you are well and taking care in this ridiculous weather!   

Oh, I'm so sorry your trainer is going through all that pain. Is she a long-term steroid user? Unfortunately, avascular necrosis can be a result of that. Anyway, I'll send her good vibes while she's going through the surgeries and PT. I hope it all goes as well as may be!

And I'm sorry for the disruption it's been for you. Yes, trainers with no expertise in dressage won't help you progress much. Are there any higher-level dressage classes somewhere near you? You don't get that one-on-one attention, of course, but classes may be your best alternative until your trainer is fully recuperated.

It's nice of her to work with you when she can. Do you like Twinkle? For me, it was always fun to ride a new horse. For competition, of course, one wants to stick with one or two horses, but sprinkling new horses in there always keeps one growing.

I'm doing okay. Lots of bumps in the road these last two years, but I'm chugging on so far. I hope you're well!

And, yeah--the weather is gruesome! Haha! Stay cool and hydrated out there. (I used to wear a cooling neck tie when I rode on really hot days. Here's a link to something like what I used to wear:  https://www.hivissupply.com/evaporative-cooling-bandana-polymer.htm... )




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