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What are the songs that define your philosophy of life? Here's one of mine...



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HAHAHA....got it.

I especially like the terminal expectoration.

Almost as catchy as the Ballad of Jed Clampett.

There's my Irish lass! <3

so it is.. kiss!


This is not my theme song, but thought this might get some attention on this thread. I have a small collection of picture discs. (actual vinyl albums with "usually" the image of the album embedded in the plastic. This is not an album but a recording of a performance in a night club.  The picture disc features a pic of Jimi Hendrix. Around the edge of the disc is printed with "Jimi Hendrix, Woke Up This Morning And Found Myself Dead, Featuring Jim Morrison, Johnny Winters, Buddy Miles, Recorded Live At The Scene Club NYC, 1986." The recording quality of picture discs are usually sub standard from a normal vinyl disc. It is the only one of 28 picture discs I own that I have ever been played. I bought them more for the display element than the ability to play them. Don't ask me how it sounded because I was pretty drunk and the only reason I played it was because my brother harassed me into it. BUT since this this is the only pic disc I own that I can't actually listen to on a regular recording, to temptation is high to play this at least one more time.  

PS. I have Googled this multiple times trying to find a recording or a video, but have found nothing. 

PSS. PS. This is a full size 12 inch disc, and the white dot is a thumbtack where it is displayed on a wall. 

I looked too, Tee, and this was all I came up with. Can't figure out if it's "legal" or not, especially because the site is called "vivalesbootlegs," hahahahaha! Take a look and you can decide for yourself...


THANK YOU!!!! This is way more information about this album that I have ever found (gotta admit, it's been years since I spent any real time trying to find any info)




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