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What are the songs that define your philosophy of life? Here's one of mine...



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If I have more than one I usually don't remember much.

like you didn't see this coming:

they played at one of my keggers
I would show you,but they won't let me post videos no more.

I shoulda been there!!

This is the video from Flipper's link...I'm pinch-hitting for him until the glitch that's keeping him from posting videos rights itself. Ah, the mysteries of Ning.

they don't allow me to post videos here any more.

The new rule, #69, that was just posted in the Community Guidelines, supercedes all previous rules on sexual content and allows content from Boobapedia.com to be posted here. Limited time only, educational purposes only, void where prohibited by law, avoid contact with skin, use only in well-ventilated area, may be too intense for some viewers, some equipment shown is optional,  not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect, error or failure to perform.





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