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Had the PET today, so just have to wait till Fri to see what the results are. 

Lovelovelovelovelovelove we are rite here Bubba!

Well damn, I should have read the fine print before I started lusting after those sex-bots.

In order to enhance your amusement experience, to stimulate you and others to use our Services more extensively, and to generally sprinkle some sparkle and excitement into the Services of XMatch.com, we may post fictitious profiles, generate or respond to communications by means of automated programs or scripts that simulate or attempt to simulate your intercommunication with another real human being (though none really exists and any dialog is generated by programming), and we may employ or contract for the paid services of real persons who may interact with you as part of their compensated employment. While these communications may seem genuine, authentic, and personal, they may be broadcast simultaneously to a large number of persons and possess none of these qualities. While their contents may appear to be true, they may be quite false; while their contents may appear to sincere, they may be quite disingenuous.

Crap, I'm busted.

You rascal. I bet you're the one who told me her husband would be out of town for a week on a business trip.

Went to the oncologist yesterday, and some of that prayers, vibes, positive mojo you have all sent is working!!!!  The MRI of my brain, and the PET scan both came back negative. The cancer is in my bladder, but nowhere else. I will get a medi-port (small device implanted in my chest,to give me the chemo) next Wed., and will start chemo on Thur. The oncologist upped my odds of the chemo working to 40% versus the 20% the urologist said. BUT she said that even if the chemo works, the bladder still needs to come out. The only way to actually kill this shit is with radiation. She does not think I can have for more radiation, but says she is going to consult a radiation specialist to see what he says. Got my paws crossed that I will be able to stand more radiation because if I can't, the bladder has to come out, and with the radical hernia surgeries, it is going to be very complicated. 


OH, Tee, that is such good news about the MRI and PET scan!!!!

I just knew it! When your scans of bones and lungs came back negative, that made it FAR less likely that the other scans would show anything new. Bones and lungs are some of the first places to which bladder cancer usually metastasizes once it's penetrated the bladder wall.

So, take some deep breaths, relax, and celebrate...I'm sure you already are!

HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY! And with you throughout the time ahead. :>)

Tee Darlin. Irote a long post.. and lost it .

  This is what it boils down to. I am incredibly happy that the cancer is contained to your blatter.. that is a huge strong point!!! I no that you are woryed and stil need a lot of ansers from the Docs. Wen you start stressing to much hold on for deer life to beautiful Dee and who everelse is supportive ,cares and loves you. If you recognize a Higher Power you alredy no how to talk to them. Please remember that you only have to take one step at a time honey. Lean on us that is what friends are for.

  We are and wil be with you every step of the way my brother.

  I love you.


The loving support here brings me so much joy, it's hard to put into words. Thank You!!!!


I want another one of those real ones!!!!!




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