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Dude! Do you really know how to deactivate your TBD account?? This question has been asked so many times I can't count. As far as I can tell this is a highly guarded secret. 

PS. If you have really figured this out, please do not tell me!

Whatever you do, DO NOT Press this...

Had the MRI of my brain today, and my first ever panic attack. I've had problems with anxiety for quite a while, but this went to a whole new level!

SO sorry for your extreme discomfort, Tee! Giving you a big hug.

MRIs (and MRAs) of the brain are fun, ain't they?

Do you think your distress was being enclosed in the machine? The noise? The ETERNITY you have to remain absolutely still in there? Worry over the results?

All of the above?

If any of it was claustrophobia, just FYI, ask for an open MRI machine. It's MUCH more comfortable. 

When do you expect the results? All appendages crossed and prayers winging up for good news.


The noise was bad, but it was the feeling of confinement that freaked me out. I just didn't realize how tight of a fit it was going to be. As soon as she slid me in there I made her take me back out. She thought placing a pad over my eyes would help, but that gave me the feeling that I couldn't breath. I finally just shut my eyes and went for it. I had a button to push if I needed a break, but didn't use it just because I knew I would just have to go back in. Might have been the longest 11 minutes of my life. Tech said next time she would give me valium. 

I don't expect results till Fri when I see my oncologist. (hopefully she will also have the results from the PET scan scheduled for tomorrow)

For the first few sentences I thought I was reading something pornographic. Then I got my mind out of the gutter. I'm pulling for you the best I can.

HAHAHA! I had to reread those first few sentences...

I just read it again, and now I feel like maybe I could open up one of those phone sex lines.

... between the 4 of us Im thinking we could definitely make $$$$$ Bubs! Dang innocent dog has 432,657,854,698,473,158 followers. hahahahah..

The smiles you put on my face are priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Dear!

Yeah, it can feel pretty darned claustrophobic. You're my hero, Tee, for toughing it out!

Two things: 1) Do ask if they have an open MRI. If they don't, another facility may (like another hospital or a dedicated imaging facility), and in my experience, there's no problem going to another facility as long as your docs feel they're up-to-snuff and reliable. The docs may say that the open MRI gives a slightly lower quality image, but that's debatable. And if it's between that and stressing you out to the max, I'd pick the far lower stress, especially since they have a baseline now. 2) HAHAHAHAHA--SHOOT! I forgot the second thing. Look for me on the next machine over getting yet another MRA (MRAs focus on blood vessels). :>)




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