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So share with us your story...(whatever the ending)



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No matter how many times I hear that story it will still bring a tear to my eye.

That's exactly what I meant Angharad .

"I read Playboy for the same reason I read National Geographic. To see the sights I'm never going to visit."

My story is ongoing. Went to the emergency room a couple days ago. The admitted me, and the plan was to scope my bladder and place a stent between my left kidney and the bladder. Plans changed. Seem the mass on my bladder wall was large enough that couldn't place the stent. The bladder wall was biopsied and results should be back Tues. (Dr is pretty certain it is cancerous, just waiting to find out what type) Since they couldn't use the stent, they poked a hole through my back and into the kidney so they could put in a drain until they figure out the game plan.

I figure I need to keep that kidney healthy cause I might need to donate it to someone. ;-)

Got the results from the biopsy, and it ain't good. Stage 3 bladder cancer. Urologist scheduled a bone scan and a chest x-ray for tomorrow so he can have the results on Fri., when I see him. I told my oncologist today what he scheduled, and said to go ahead and let him do it, but she wants to do a PET scan next Wed. She also scheduled an MRI of my brain cause Dee told her that I've been confused lately. Did I tell you that Dee said I've been confused lately? The PET scan will tell whether the cancer has spread to other parts of my body. I'm not sure what the plan will be if it has spread. As it stands right now, if the cancer is localized in the bladder, I will start chemo, (damn, just started letting my hair grow out again, and I can't imagine what I going to look like bald and no beard!) and after the chemo the bladder is going to have to be removed. Ain't that a pisser.

Oh, TeeBub, this is not what I was expecting at all when I decided to drop in here today.  My first reaction is that now you will be able to get a whole night's sleep without having to get up several times to pee.  But that is not really appropriate.  I'm sorry.  Thank you for sharing your story.  It is definitely a page-turner and I hope it continues on for several more volumes.

I am so sorry to here the Tbub. I had a very minor case of bladder cancer two years ago. They just removed it and I had to have cystoscopes every three months for a year and then every six months for two years.i just had my second six months one last week. All is still well. If there is anything I can do please let me know.

Glad you are doing well my friend. I guess I just have to wait to see what the PET scan reveals.

Huge waves of love flowing to you constantly, D.  

At the moment, I feel like having a little "discussion" with the universe. DD calls me her honey badger, and I feel like chomping on some celestial ass.

"Oh, no you di'ent!"

Whatever the results of your scans, you and I know that the fight may be hard, but no die has been cast. As one of my crazy oncologists said, hooking his thumbs under imaginary suspenders and strutting around like Foghorn Leghorn, "I say, I say, as far as I can tell, m'am, there ain't no expiration date stamped on your derriere!"

We're all here loving you, supporting you, and cheering you on.

I echo pickleallen's offer--if I can help in any way, just let me know. 

Thank you Angharad, I usually reserve these for DD, but I think I'll make an exception.  


Tee, I could say all the things that people do when they get news like  yours but you know that. What I do want to say is Thank you. Going to your birthday party two years ago opened up a whole new world of friends when I was at one of my lowest points in life. I don't know what your journey will be from here on out but you and Dee will be in my thoughts and prayers. I wish only the best for both of you and the strength to do deal with what comes. Love to both of you.




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