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It's the bulge(s) that give him away.

I ain't sayin' which...

A family portrait Funes?


Finally got approval to got to the Moffitt Cancer Research Center!! WooHoo! I'm really hoping someone there can give me some options other than removing the bladder after the chemo. 


Is that my dancein' Bagger up there?

Oh Bubba that is Wonderful News!!!

I don't know if there is an alternative to removing the bladder, but I'm being cautiously optimistic so far. Tues. will tell a lot. 

ok I wil watch for info Tuesday Bubby. smooch


Saw the urologist at Moffitt yesterday. Guy thought he was hot shit. I wasn't impressed at all. 

I hate it when doctors think they're God's gift. I always want to sneer, "obviously you flunked 'bedside manner.' "

Hopefully, his assholiness coexists with being a good diagnostician and technician. It can happen.

Of course, your personal honey badger could chomp some of his tender parts...

This guy seems to think that he can open me up and do the surgery, but I'm doubtful. Not sure if I should gamble and let this guy work on me, try to get approval to go to Orlando, of go the really expensive route, and "move" back to OH. so I could go back to Cleveland. I'm not even sure if I would have the time to get moved because the bladder has to come out no more than 3 or 4 weeks after the chemo is done. I was totally bummed out for about a day and a half when I found out that there was no way to save the bladder. (the main reason I wanted to go to Moffitt was to see it they had an alternative to removing it, and they don't) Damn thing has to come out one way or the other. Other than that, I'm doing fine. Had a treatment this afternoon, and will probably be a little tired in the next couple of days. Kinda pissed off too because I can't get in the pool with Diego because of the drain tube in my back.




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