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You're not the one that should apologise Sweetheart. It may not matter anyway, as my hair has started falling out. Noticed the shower was draining a little slow this morning. When I got out of the shower, my hands had hair all over them, Ran a comb through it, got more hair. Ran my fingers through it 6 times, and got more hair every time. 

Figured there was only one way to cure my hair problem. Before...

The scene of the crime...

I've been buzzed before, but never like this...

Damn, I didn't realize how long it takes to shave a head...

ITS MYBUBBADEE.. COOLAGE! Dang Honey you look good bald kinda makes me wanna feel your dome . ! Oh it does my heart good to see a current photo. You look strong my brother. Good for you on takeing the bull by the horns with your hair quandary- Bravo

Stamp this guy FREAK and move along people cause he aint no yuppy no how no way...hahahaha

                                                                        I love you,


p.s. did you cop my shirt again?

Looking mighty distinguished there. Few years ago a friend of mine went through the chemo procession, lost her hair, and bought a wig. Nowadays the hair is all back, bushier and more frightful than before. 

I'll probably end up looking frightful with, or without the hair.

Woooooohooooooooo!!! Lookin' SEXY, Bubba! Lookin' STRONG (like DD said). And, I'll be jiggered, lookin' younger than ever.

If we weren't both blissfully involved, you could jigger me. :>)

I'm the one on the far left.

I would have never guessed far left.




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