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Went for my 3rd dose today and couldn't get it due to low white cell count and low luka-something or other. They said they have a shot that they could give me to boost everything, but my ins. requires a 72 hour approval. I go back tomorrow to see if my shit magically comes back on it's own overnight, but if it's still low, that is going to throw my whole schedule out the window.

Here's definitely one of those better safe than sorry scenarios, Bubba. If your leukocytes (white blood cells) are low, and especially if your neutrophils (a specialized type of white blood cell) are low, you become susceptible to infection and have less defense against it.

Of course, I'd like to kick those insurance SOBs up the wahzoo for holding up your CSF (colony-stimulating factors) shot,

  KIP but, under the circumstances, waiting if your numbers stay low is probably a good thing.

OMG! I'm channeling Martha Stewart. :>)

My counts were up a tiny bit this morning. WBC 2.2, up from 1.3 (normal 4.2 - 10.0) and neutrophils were 0.8, up from 0.6 (normal 1.5 - 6.5) Neutrophils sounds like some kind of damn energy bar. But since I am already on an antibiotic, and should be able to get the shot by Mon or Tues she decided to give me the chemo anyway. Yes, I klnow I'll be washing my hands about every two minutes, not hugging my grandson, or anybody else for that matter, and miss out on Thanksgiving at my nieces house on Sun, but am willing to take a chance rather than screw up with the chemo schedule. Sometimes ya just gotta roll the dice of life.
Excuse me, I gotta go wash my hands!!!

In spite of everything you're going through, I hope you are having a good day TeeBubbaDee. I don't know if you like Jimmy Buffet, but this little ditty always puts a smile on my face.

Thanks Joella. Got tested this morning, and all my blood levels had come up quite a bit on it's own. (must be all that good clean living) They ended up giving me a shot to boost everything anyway. No chemo this week, but go back on Thur. to see if I need another shot. 

I'm so glad TeeBubba! It looks like your doc is taking very good care of you--always a good thing. Good clean living is the way to go, but please tell us you are shaking your groove thang whenever possible

Oh yeah!!

Very cool beans on your blood levels comeing up a lot on their own TeeBubs!!! Sucking down Ripple is part of "Clean Living"?

Used to drink the heck outta Red Ripple. It's a long story, but we used to mix it half and half with beer. 

Kinda bummed today. I decided to let my beard grow about 4 or 5 months ago. Talked to my wife multiple times about letting it grow, and yes sometimes she would let loose with a little dig, but told me that it was my face and my hair, and I could do anything I wanted. Today we had to do some grocery shopping, and she said before we left that she wanted to stop at our bank. (something I advised her to do last night when she started talking about cashing in her 401K. Just thought she should tallk to someone before she made a decision) Anyway, Right before we left the house, she told me she wanted me to stay in the car, because I looked like a homeless person.Honest. I'd just had a shower, washed my hair, and put on clean clothes. When we got home, I trimmed the beard and mustache, and she's really happy. 

I understand how that would hurt your feelings Bubba, i'm sory.

You're not the one that should apologise Sweetheart. It may not matter anyway, as my hair has started falling out. Noticed the shower was draining a little slow this morning. When I got out of the shower, my hands had hair all over them, Ran a comb through it, got more hair. Ran my fingers through it 6 times, and got more hair every time. 




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