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So share with us your story...(whatever the ending)



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Jo ummm thank you . yes sweet lady Im hugging you bac.

Got it! Yea!

Amateurs - 6 shots and they're passed out.

I must say funes.. you look incredibly happy in this photo. it makes me smile

Incredible music venue - The Chance in Poughkeepsie. Five good bands, plus my friend is a model for Coldcock Whiskey so I got free shots all night.

woo hoo and a good time was had by all.

Ended up in the ER a couple nights ago. Fever, chills, etc. Ran a shit load of blood work, but it was the urine sample that found the bladder infection. (Didn't know till today, but they called from the hosp. this morning letting me know they were going to phone in a script) Haven't had a lot of energy but that didn't stop me from installing a new kitchen faucet today. 

Bubs, Im glad that you found uot abuot the infection and are being treeted for it. That's the Bubba fixing the faucet even tho he's feelin kinda poorly.

yes... The Reel Deel!

Mini rant. Had the second dose of chemo Thur. Felt fine Fri. But crashed on Sat. Another temp of 101.7. (sitting in the house at 80 degrees with a blanket wrapped around me) Felt like something someone would scrape off their shoe after a walk in the dog park. Feel better this morning, but temp is 97.5. WTF?

I hope that as the day goes on your temp settles down so that you feel better Tee.

                             MONSTER HUGGIN THE BUBBA!




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