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So share with us your story...(whatever the ending)



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For TeeBubbaDee and Angharad... its tru

Hug Meister Extraordinaire!!

that's a fact mister and don't you forget it!

Some people can be so strange. Hugs are healing! Even a virtual hug is good. And for the record, I kissed a girl! :)

Jo yup heartfelt loving hugs are powerful medicine! Good on you for kissin on a girl.. definitely one of my favorite thangggs.

... tho I don't normaly kiss fellas on the lips TeeBubbas Lovely wife Dee took a photo of Tee and I smoooooochin....  hahahahahahaha!

This is such a great pic. When friends plant one on ya it's just plain soothing. Plus, you both look so cool!

laughing.. yup just a couple old hippys. The one below is my favorite tho-

I'm kinda digging both!!

I like this picture too. I love this picture.

Can I print this picture?

its ok with me if you want to print it jo. Im going to also.

Hi Cowgirl! Its good to see you!




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