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Hi Guys, I'm still here. (barely) I left the hospital late Sat after a 10 day stay. (4 in ICU) About a week and a half ago my wife and I left the hospital where my last of 6 hoses was removed from my body. It was the first time in MONTHS that I didn't have a tube stuck in my somewhere. By the time we got home, about 40 minutes, I started shaking uncontrollably. Temp was only 99.1, so I took some tylenol and took a nap. When I got up I still had the shakes and temp was up to 101.2. A while later I got to 102.8, and my wife called the hospital at 10:00 PM. They wanted me to come in, and my wife had me there by 11:30. Didn't take long for the temp to get to 103.4, and they shipped me to the ICU figuring I was septic. They were right, and they finally threw 6 different antibiotics at me to stop the fever at 104.5. I was told that if we had screwed around until the next morning that I would have been to far gone to save. It was kinda touch and go as it was. (there are days in the ICU that I have no memory of) I'm still weak, but it will take some time to dig myself out of this hole I've found myself in. The prayers and kind thoughts are appreciated more than I know how to say!!!

lovin' the Bubba, big time!

I wuoldn't want it any other way MyBubbaDee!!!


Three-way SMOOCH!

Woo Hoo!!

In the rush posting yesterday, I forgot the one good thing about ending up sepsis. They ran a ton of lab work and found my kidney functions were way off. My problems started when the cancer blocked off my left ureter where it entered the bladder. Now, it's my right kidney acting up. Seem where they sewed the ureters to the new pouch, I've built up scar tissue that wasn't letting the right kidney drain. They had to punch another hole in my back, and insert a tube through the kidney, and place a stent into the ureter where the scarring is. Probably in a month or so, they will go back in and swap the stent for a larger one. It will also have to come out, but the hope is that they can stretch the ureter so the kidney drains. 

TBub you are extremely tough person. While you were in the hospital fighting for your life I was whining because I have scar tissue where they did the TURP two and a half years ago. I am going to have it redone in the spring. I should not be complaining because my problem is easily fixed.
I am glad you are doing better.

Of course I'm tough P.A., I'm from Cumberland Furnace. I'm sorry to hear about the scar tissue though. Any problem you live with long enough becomes a BIG problem. 

Another stay in the hospital. Four days this time for a kidney infection.

I am sorry you are having such a hard time. I hope this is the end of your troubles for a while.




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