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So share with us your story...(whatever the ending)



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Stiff and sore is a lot better than some things. Keep on keeping on. I'm glad.

Stiff and sore is much better than being a stiff.   


Nothing to worry about...I was just feeling nostalgic about all the folks that have come and gone on TBD.

ok. I understand. smooch

What DD said, minus the smooch!

Ditto. Add back the smooch.

Well, I guess if everybody's gonna smooch, I'm in. 

Practice safe smooching there people. I'm a bit behind on my cootie vaccinations.

oh funes comeon over and get your cootie SMOOOOCH!

Lots happening in the last 2 days. The hose for the drainage bag started to come loose from the sutures, so they made me come in on Mon. Tested the pouch, (good) so took the bag off. The hose is secured with tape, and should come out next week. The drain that plastics put in was removed today too. Sooooo, I'm down to one hose sticking outta me!!!! I had to start cathing Mon, but it's no big deal. A little time consuming, but I'll (hope!) get faster as I get the routine down. The worst part is the three hour schedule. And I'm not one of those lucky few who can wake up, and got right back to sleep. I end up reading, or putzing around on TBD, for an hour or two before I can fall back to sleep, and then just have to turn around and do it again. Bitch, whine, moan inserted here.




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