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Feeling really tired and kinda out of it today. I finished my second round of treatments on Thur. I have a week break, and then have two more rounds. Last week was very tough. Not only fighting the chemo, but a really bad bladder infection. The Dr's had me on an antibiotic for about six weeks trying to kick the infection, but it just kept getting worse. My wife, (an RN) finally just flat out told the Dr that I needed a different antibiotic. The Dr switched it, and I seem to be responding to it. Next step is on Mon. when I get the nephrostomy tube in my left kidney changed out. 

lost my reply. Hang in there Bubby. You are half way done with the chemo hurray for that. I am sooo glad that you have UorBubbaDee helping you. Now with a different antibiotic onboard hopefully it wil kick the bladder infections butt so that you feel better.I love you. You are in my thuoghts and prayers every day . tender smooches for you and Dee.



Thank you Dear Heart.  


Got the tube changed out today. Left the hospital, went to the beach and had lunch. (and two beers!!)

SO glad you had a good day BubbaDee. Gonna be all ok. Mighty hugs to you and, oh hell, to everyone!

I think I celebrated a little too early Joella. Right after I posted the above, I crashed for 2 1/2 hours, woke up with a fever, and am headed for bed now. Had fun while it lasted, but it kicked my butt.


I hope you're sleeping soundly now, TeeBubba, and that you'll feel much better in the morning! 

Thanks Sweetie. Much better right now. I just never know when I'm going to run out of steam. Dee's been itching to get away from the kids for a while, so we found a reasonably priced motel on the beach and we are going to got there for a couple of days. I thought the kids moving back would be hardest on me, but Dee is having a really hard time putting up with our lazy ass daughter. 

Hooray, Tee! A mini-vacation on the beach is just the thing. Water, sand, a good book, a little sun, peace and quiet--ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Hopefully, you and Dee will both get recharged. And maybe your daughter will get off her duff and do something without the folks around to do it for her.

Mini vaca was nice! Would have been nicer if I wasn't just so damn tired all the time. It's not a boardwalk, (cause it' concrete) but there is a place behind the motel where you can walk for miles with all kinds of little tiki bars along the way. I put it to good use last fall when we were there, but this trip, I might have made it 300 yards one time, before I had to shuffle back. And it's hard to watch my grandson (who I taught to swim last year) in the pool without being able to get in with him. OK, I'm done bitching. Overall it was a good time. 

Those titty bars wear me out also.




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