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So share with us your story...(whatever the ending)



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Thanks Sweetie, I got lots of info to try to process with this tiny brain of mine. 

im here Bubba just reeding and loving you.

Hi TeeBubba, everyone! Do you have a true grit, gut instinct about all this? I know the vibe can feel a bit lost in the woods, but armed with enough information I think people make good decisions for themselves. I wish we were born with a what to do when this happens computer chip in our brains though.

In the misery loves company department, I've been having a hell of a time lately too. I've been twisted one way after another from different docs telling me completely opposite types of treatments. A couple of weeks ago or so, my leg swelled up again, turned red and blue with accompanying pain. I went to a new Dr who sent me to another place, and they are going to either do surgery or bust up the clots and suck them out with what is basically a fancy hose. I'll know after the 20th. Also, this new Dr told me I could take heparin shots daily instead of taking the coumadin. When I told the pharmacy lady I had been given this option, she looked at me like I had just sprouted three heads and just shook her head at me. I got the feeling she wasn't a fan of that plan and rolled away in the electric shopping cart with my coumadin thinking me some dark thoughts.

I'm sorry you are going through this confusion Tee. Not to mention having to lose your bladder. Don't give up hope for a best solution to come forward! Hey, I won't if you won't.

You look great with your shaved head by the way. Not everyone can pull that off.

Thinking really good thoughts for us all always!!!!

Sending positive vibes your way Joella. Sometimes ya gotta wade through a lot of crappy Dr's before you find the right one. (remember, 50% of Dr's graduated in the bottom half of their class)

I got good news yesterday. I have a consult next month with the surgeon in Orlando that has the know how to open me up!!

Oh TeeBubba, that is really great news! Does this mean the surgeon can take the cancer all away since it is confined to your bladder? I think I remember that's the case, but I may be mistaken. Getting a bit giddy here thinking of your new prospect for a cure!

I think my problem with docs is I have been trying my best to see only those closest to us here in the hinterland. The new one is {shudder} downtown. I think that's where they keep the herd of good and mostly good doctors penned. ☺

One foot in front of the other; one breath after the other. Onward.

Sometimes you have to "go the extra mile" to get quality care Joella. 10 years ago I ended up driving to Cleveland three times a week for several months. (about an hour and 15 minutes each way) And the surgeon I'm seeing next month is something over two hours from here, and will be more, because I am going to end up fighting morning rush hour traffic through Tampa to get there on time. (coming back from the cancer research center in Tampa last week, we were in bumper to bumper traffic on the freeway for an hour and ten minutes) It took us about fifty minutes to get there, and just over two hours to get back.

Went for chemo today, but white and red cell counts were both low. Dr gave me the chemo anyway to keep me on schedule. I have to go back tomorrow to get a shot to boost the white cells, but have to wait for ins. approval for the one to boost the red cells. 

Jo and TeeBubba no that you are both in my heart and thuoghts every single day. I love you both.


What DD said, Bubba and Joella!!!

And I second that SMOOCH!!!!

Half way through the second of four rounds of chemo. Today was probably the toughest day I've had so far. Just NO energy. Three days ago I was on the roof cleaning out gutters. I took the downspouts off before cleaning cause there was a lot of crap in the gutters, and didn't want them to get clogged. Today, all day long, I managed put two of the downspouts back up. (took a whole four screws!!!) Left last one off cause there is one more gutter to clean. 




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