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So share with us your story...(whatever the ending)



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I've only known one other person who went through chemo and radiation. It's full out war against a nasty invader. I don't think any two people going through what you're going through will have exactly the same experiences, though similar. My best guess is this is how your body will respond. Have I mentioned how glad I am that you are fighting this war? You are a bright light TeeBubbaDee, not to mention a very good person. I hope like hell you are feeling better today.

Thanks Joella, I'm much better. Kinda tired, and got a little depressed this morning, but decided to buck up and see what the day, (and the day after that) would bring. 

See. You are a light. Want to watch Xena with me? She knows how to give bad things a right good knock! Also, baseball is in full swing, if you like baseball. I sure do. I hope you are feeling better today Bubba. Gentle hand squeeze to you.

Thanks Joella.

Im glad that you are feeling better TeeBubs! My computer/fone/tv have all ben uot or I would have spoken up sooner. I love you wanna hang uot on the glider?

Hang out on the glider? I'd have to be an ass to say no to that.  ;-)

Didn't really feel like it, but had to replace the guts in the toilet that the kids use this afternoon. Seems like my 38 year old sil doesn't know how. Oh the joys of home ownership!

I'm glad you're feeling better too, Bubba! I think it's likely you'll do fine through the course of treatment. From experience I can say that if you're not sick as a                                         

already, you probably won't ever be. I was woofing a couple of hours after my first treatment. :>)

And fixing the guts of a toilet rather than ralphing your guts into it is a MIGHTY good sign!!!  Kudos on that and on having the fortitude to do the work when you probably just wanted to lie down. XOXOXOX

I was abducted by aliens from planet Canada.




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