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Thanks for the kind words Rita. I'm REALLY GLAD that my birthday party had a positive effect!!! I kinda have a complex about that whole deal. I mean that I rally  loved it, but every single person that came to that party, left TBD within a year. I've tried and tried, but don't really know how to process that. Yes, you and I were pretty "new" to each other here, but there were people at that party that I had been friends with for many years, and one by one they just dropped off the radar. 

Had a chesty x-ray and a bone scan today, and see the urologist tomorrow. I think I'm going to try to get a second opinion about this whole deal. The thought of them removing my bladder is disturbing at the least.

If you're leaning toward it, do get a second opinion, Tee. Your oncologist and urologist should welcome it, some insurance companies actually require it, but, most important, it will put your mind more at ease.

The H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute in Tampa would be a great place to call for a consult. Moffitt is the only National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center in the state. (Only 67 cancer centers in the country have NCI designation, which is awarded to institutions that conduct significant levels of research in cancer diagnosis, prevention, and treatment.) Here's an address, phone number, and a link to their website: 12902 Magnolia Dr, Tampa, FL 33612; 1-888-663-3488; http://moffitt.org/

The fact that it's so close to you will make moving things along much easier.

As for the effects of your party, I wasn't even there, but I heard from everyone what a BLAST they had. From what I heard, you and Dee were the hosts with the most and put everyone at ease. If people fell away from TBD, it was because it was simply their time to move on. Stuff got pretty testy here for a while, after all.

You, Bubba, were one of the few reasons to hang in!

You still are.

XOXOXOXOXOXO Old Smarmy Britches (eeeeww, that doesn't sound right somehow... :>) )


  I think a second opinion is a good plan. My Dad new a lot abuot medicine and told all three of us that if we wer confronted with any serious medical situation we should get a second opinion if possible.

  You are deeling with past health issues very sudden news of the bladder cancer, tests of a zillion sorts, new doctors... all good reasons to liston to the doctor who you know and trust And get a second opinion on the overall diagnosis and plan.

  Angharad is a great resourse abuot this stuff that honey bagger knows her shit!

 I love you Bubba, We love you ,and we wil stand by you threw this.

I love you too Janis!  ;-)

The suggestions of second opinion are what I can get behind.  Also do research on the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Information Service.  Call 1-800-4-CANCER and have them send you information about your diagnosis and possible treatments.  It is a service that you have already paid for.

Thanks for the info Baia.

Just got back from the urologist. Good news, and bad news. Good, chest x-ray and bone scan came back clean. Bad news, due to the previous radiation, making a new bladder from my small intestines is probably not an option. Also bad, since the hernia repairs were so complicated, there is no surgeon here that is capable of removing my bladder. I may have to go back to Cleveland, but that is complicated too. There are 2 guys in FL that know the procedures that were used, and would be able to open me up, but don't know if either would be capable of making a fake bladder out of my colon. (which I would have to cath to void) 

Does anyone do bladder transplants?   Or are ostomy alternatives so successful that nobody is motivated to try them?  I confess to not having thought about bladder cancer treatments since 1987 when I stopped working for the Southwest Oncology Group.  There has to have been lots of progress made since then.

Hey, Beautiful Baia,

Cleveland Clinic, Wake Forest, Harvard, and various others have been working for some time on growing bladders for transplant. I read that in 1999, Dr. Anthony Atala, who is now at Wake Forest, transplanted an engineered bladder into the first human patient. Seven children from the ages of 4 to 19 who all had spina bifida were, ultimately, given transplants grown from their own tissue. There was a seven-year follow-up study with great results.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find anything much since 2006 about further trials. 

There also has been lots of progress in reconstructive surgery. 


I left a message on your profile page about this several hours ago...and a picture of my alter ego, which is ready to take a bite outta the universal ass on your behalf. :>) Your good news is VERY good, and bodes well for the results of the PET scan and the future in general. The bad news--well, that's a royal pain, but there are options to explore.

Thanks Sweetie, It just seems that the hurdles get a little higher every time I turn around. I'm jumping as high as I can, but am not sure how much higher I can jump.

You know I know what you mean, LoveBubba. Those hurdles are high, scary, and exhausting.

Let's appropriate that trampoline that your neighbors kids aren't using anymore for a little extra bounce.

Just remember to remove your earrings. XOXOXOXOXOX :>)

For TeeBubbaDee - I hope you get a chuckle out of this. But we all care tremendously about you! 





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