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So share with us your story...(whatever the ending)



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I'll post my story some night in the wee hours.  It will help the insomniacs of this site get some much needed sleep.

im frum the grate state of tenessee n hav a purrfeck english ackcent n raise pur blud german poleece dogs i wonts to gits to go to hate asbury californy to see them hippies

I'm sure them hippies would enjoy seeing you too.

Hippies are closer.......Woodstock, NY

and the Coney Island Mermaid Parade (Brooklyn, NY)

which I went to for the 1st time last week.



I have a couple of blogs that already do that....if anyone wants to read them.

For anyone that hasn't read Bob's blogs, YOU SHOULD!!


I want to hear the "how you met your wife" story!!!


We were on a flight leaving Thailand.

The stewardess pointed at a soldiers M-16 and asked if that thing was loaded.

He said that he didn’t know. He reached down and pulled the trigger and put a few rounds up in the air.

He then said yup. She didn’t ask anyone else if their weapons were loaded.


Wouldn't M-16 rounds have pierced the skin of the fuselage causing decompression and a crash???

Just wonderin'.....

Bob, we were outside getting ready to board our flight.

One more bullet hole in a Air Vietnam plane wouldn't even be noticed.





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