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I'll say what I like, then you say what you like

Pine trees, and walking in flip flops.

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A big ass midwest thunder storm is fun since I haven't been in one for years. Now I love seeing sunrise, which I do most days....seeing the sun come over the mountains is always spectacular. Makes for a good day.
I like walking in 8" deep freshly fallen snow. Everything is so clean and white I get no end of satisfaction from this experience.
i like an ice cold slurpee on a hot summer day! yum yum!!
I like sitting on the beach with an ice cold Avalanche Amber Ale and a fine woman.
I like an extra treat when you don't expect it - like a box of double=strength brownies as a gift when all you did was lend someone a car seat.Chalk up the goodie!
Life is wonderful, you know?
making funny formation out of them,
getting the present you prayed for, and then some. (and you don't know until much later what a sacrafice the giver had to make).
Later on, much older, you replayed the favor.
I like walking in the woods and finding mushrooms of all kinds, but especially the delicious porcini.
I like knowing that in Holland this mushroom is called "little squirrels' bread".
I like going to antique stores and just looking at all the classic, uniique, and interesting things there!




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