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Living in New York, I'm accustomed to watching news on TV and growing up with news broadcasters whose names and faces most New Yorkers would recognize. When my wife and I travel to our 2nd home about two and a half hours from our Long Island home in the Pocono mountains in Pennsylvania, the news I watch on TV is significantly different.
Sure there's not every day murders and kidnappings and rapings  like here in NY and other crimes and politics and scandals and transportation,education, sports, weather, economic, and a myriad of other noteworthy issues, but when staying in our Pocono home, (about one weekend a month), why is the top story on every news station about a county fair or fireman's ball or an all you can eat pancake function?
It really irks me that these boring zombie like news anchormen and women don't even mention important national interest news that affect most Americans. The Lackawanna  Blue Ribbon Apple Pie contestants take precedence over our president.  Sports? World Series? Superbowl?  Forget about it.  Sure, I don't expect the NY sports to dominate the Pennsylvania channels, but must I endure listening to news about the fishing tournament at Lake Wallenpupack or the Naomi High School football schedule?
Don't get me wrong. I love getting away from our congested area, away from the traffic on the Long Island Expressway to our bucolic gated community where I  can see deer, chipmunks, wild turkeys instead of pigeons, squirrels, and dog poop everywhere you walk. The Pocono area is huge. It is not so isolated now with so many people relocating there . Granted, it's not New York City, but is a new goat at a petting zoo headline news?
An asteroid the size of Texas can be on collision course with our planet in a couple of days,California could have sunk due to an earthquake, Congress might have declared war on Switzerland, aliens from Alpha Centauri could be focusing death rays on Times Square, Lindsay Lohan might have been arrested again for lewd behavior, a new avarian flu can be killing millions worldwide, the lost continent of Atlantis might have surfaced in Coney Island, Brooklyn......BUT on our  Pocono news on TV, the  feature story is the Cresco Pretzel Factory giving out free samples.  Bon Appetit. 

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Free pretzels? Does beer come with that?

Did you say all I can eat pancakes????

The all you can pancakes is at the one legged waitress place.


I think there are at least 3 who like our news Pocono-fashion.  Can't you just get DirectTV and see the bad news too?

her name is Eileen.

ya, IHOP

 Essentially the last thing most rural residents are interested in is condescending New York City natives bitching and whining about news of local events of importance to them.

 No you do not have to "endure" listening to local news, surely you are aware of technology to receive national and world news.    

I had 2 1/4 inches on Friday.

I never know what you're talking about when you do that.


Not his peter meter. (I hope)

I wasn't gunna ask.

so, the snow made it 2 1/4 inches. the cold will do that.




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