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Everything is going right, the castle is coming up and you trust in existence that no disturbance..But you never know!!! Just a strong wind may disturb your castle, destroy it, or just a small child out of joy may comeand jump on your castle and it will be finished. There are thousand and one possibilities of the castle being destroyed..Perhaps you will console yourself that "there must be something good for me in the destruction of the castle.Perhaps it is time to go back home...I'm feeling so hungry, that's why existence destroyed the castle..Go back home and eat something...Existence is taking so much care...."

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And existence gives us the opportuinity and choice to make another castle if we wish....
The building material is sand... the tiny building blocks piled one on the next are infinitely flexible. They do not disappear; they are always there like the minutes of our days waiting to be remolded into the form we choose. We do not die when one castle slides away... we live to push the sand again and again to achieve each time another form. Will the next will be better than the last? We cannot know. But it is that possibility that keeps us going. The destruction of our fragile castle gives us the opportunity to look deep inside ourselves and find the resources to rebuild. What we do with that opportunity is our choice.
I am sorry. The first thing that came to my twisted brain is that you should quit playing in the litter box. My sincere apologies.
Rebuild it.




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