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Yes they did. What, you weren't aware? When they embarked upon their final solution they began with the mentally ill. That worked so well they expanded their program of racial purity to include Jews, Gypsies, faggots, Russians, and anyone else who disagreed with the program. Once they had the process refined, they told the people to assemble at the train station, and only bring one bag. They wouldn't have said bring one bag if they were planning whole sale extermination now would they? No-oo. Of course not. And strangely enough, lots of people complied. Well, what else were they gonna do really, when the consequence for non compliance was so utterly, and abundantly, clear . . .

So, you know, I kind of figure the mentally ill in any given society are kind of like the canary, you know? Kinda. They serve as a kind of barometer of the society in which they live.

The last time I saw something come out on research involving the mentally ill it appeared in the Boston Globe in 1998, and the articles included things like wash out therapy, ketamine research, and a few other experiments with medication. Some of these experiments resulted in suicide.

And that kinda pisses me off.

Ya. It does. Almost as much as the idea that some right wing bible thumper might actually use scripture to justify homicide. Huh? What? You say? If a seed falls and dies . . . they say, and I say that's no excuse.

There is no excuse. And I've got just the punishment that will fit the crime . . .

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You don't suppose it would be appropriate to wait at least a day or two until after the Senator has been interred, do you?

I would actually hold off even then, unless it happens to serve some very pressing public interest, which the above posts by Hawker certainly do not.

Hawkers posts serve to do nothing but humiliate a family who is, at this moment, in mourning.
The aforementioned deeds are thirty years old or more and have aired already numerous times.Nothing new has been added here, and what good can come of flaunting stained sheets in the noses of people in mourning. Some people just don't want to lay the past to rest.

We have all heard these sad stories of excess and bad jugement. Enough, already.
Ted Kennedy was flawed, like all other humans. Despite all of your anti-Kennedy jibba jabba, we will never know what really happened at Chappaquiddick. Only Ted Kennedy knew for sure. He has made amends and MORE THAN ATONED for his sins. While he never got to see universal health care implemented (thanks to the Repugnicans and the health insurance lobby), he worked tirelessly and patiently to make sure that more people, especially children, had health insurance.

The ugly rumors and conspiracies around the Kennedys, ignores the reality of that family. They were wealthy, yes. But unlike the spoiled, entitled brats of today, they believed that they were duty-bound to serve the public good; that their good fortune should not go to waste, but should be used to make America a better place for us all.

And, had JFK not declared all 26 miles of Cape Cod shoreline a National Seashore, the corporations and anti-environmentalists would have destroyed what is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful shorelines in America.

I agree with Zen. You are mean-spirited and cruel.
I also agree with Zen...to attack and try to disgrace a family who are in mourning...Ted isnt even in the ground yet...to say such things at a time like this is so innappropriate...a show of ignorance and insensativity.
But people are so in love with those gossip games that they seem not to be able to help themselves...they think that God has appointed them judge, jury and hangman over everyone else but themselves...they cant sleep at night unless they have cast a dark shadow on some unsuspecting sole...and usually delivered at a time when the person isnt able to defend themselves. And people who play those gossip games dont realize just how dirty a game it is...until someone does it to them... MHO
Luca it is good to see you back in the politcal discussions and as always you make an excellent point.
Thanks for bringing us back on topic in a timely and relevant manner. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy . . . . well, you know, it would, if I were so inclined . . .
I'm not sure, I haven't worked in the field of human services in a long time. It wouldn't surprise me to find they were, if for no other reason than the increase in population.

My contention - or rather, one of them - is that as a direct result of the conflict that is on the rise in our society, we will see an increase in mental/emotional dysfunction above what would normally be expected and attributable to population increase.

At the end of WWI I'm sure there was a statistical spike in the MI population given the numbers of service personal with "war neurosis." Study of that malady lead to an understanding of causes of mental/emotional break down that would not other wise occur were it not for environmental circumstance.

Now we can arrange nearly any kind of environment we want.

And then of course, there is the issue of Sarah Palin, and Death Panels; or the guests on Beck's national platform. In a way I believe it can be demonstrated that paranoid thinking and behavior have gone mainstream, and become even fashionable to some strange degree.

I think it's a problem.

This nation is going to begin a dialogue on the issue, even if it kills me.
I said.




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